For the love of creating

If there is any way to literally waste time physically but account for every second of it mentally I think I would do a pretty good job at that. I would simply call this act as “thinking”. I don’t know if it’s just me but I can sit in a posture and think for hours straight without moving an inch physically however mentally, I would be in another galaxy. I wouldn’t say this “thinking” is the same as “daydreaming” because for the concept and contents of a dream are lost once I wake up. I just go into this tranquil state when I start thinking. It is much more avid and real than dreaming. It’s more like heighted concentration and sometimes makes me hungry. My point being, a couple of days ago I was in this loveland and I caught myself thinking about creating and what I had written about it a couple of years back before I started going to college.

I stated a few years ago that I would not pursue engineering because it was too mainstream and that I would rather be a designer because I wanted to create.
It’s so ironical that I still persuaded engineering because it was mainstream and offered a degree whereas designing courses offered only a diploma here. I never thought I would contradict myself but I did (and now that I am typing this it makes me wonder if I am weak willed? – need to think on this as well). I was still thinking about creating and whether the education I am pursuing satisfies that need. If you had asked me when I was still in school I would have said no. No – because I believed that only artists could create. No – because only creative people can create and engineers are not creative. No – for many more probable reasons which I cannot remember. I am saying this because I had a narrow point of view and hadn’t exactly stepped out of my cozy seashell to know exactly what it is like out there.

Right now for me the concept of creating and who can create has all changed. Creating doesn’t have to be something definite and solid. It can be something virtual, non-physical, a feeling or just anything. Creating is limitless and so is a creator. He doesn’t need to have a designer’s or an art’s degree. Anybody can be a creator. All that is required is to keep that tiny flicker of difference ignited when it sparks in our mind and evolve along with it. I still believe creating is beautiful and that it is what I will do irrespective of my line of education.

All this revelation was not the result of an afternoon session of strained thinking alone. It’s rather an amalgamation of all the experiences and lessons that I have learnt after leaving school and just being on my own. And I am so glad I did.


  1. "if I am weak willed?" - I don't think so. This is how human(or I say, anything) evolves. By making assumptions and then contradicting them with real facts.


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