What the rains?!

Yesterday it rained super heavily and the entire city was on a halt. The skies had a constant texture and hue throughout the entire day, be it in the morning or in the afternoon. The visibility was also super low. I couldn’t even see the building next to mine! It was all grey and rains. It was the perfect weather for a melancholic day but the best day ever for hot pakodas and hot chocolate drinks!

Apart from that it had been raining for the past 3 days and I also had the chance to meet up with my friends here. It was a kickass meetup which was hilarious and had lots of catching up to do from over a year! My friends always thought I am someone who studies all the time (I make it a point to strategically study before the day of the exam) and seemed genuinely surprised when they heard me use cuss words. We met up at Carter’s road and talked for hours inside a restaurant until Divya decided to enjoy the very nice weather outside. The enjoyment resulted us getting super drenched in the rain and running along the sidewalks of Carter laughing, stealing umbrellas so that the other person will get drenched on purpose and enjoying the overall “view outside”.

It was a pretty hilarious adventure and something which I am sure all of us would like to do once again.
And by the way, I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that Jon Snow died.


  1. Aww haah! Sounds like a fun day. Hot chocolate and friends when it's raining makes for a good time!

  2. Carter is so pretty! <3 I recently visited Bombay and absolutely enjoyed sitting by Carter and painting.
    That sounds like such a lovely day. Rains, friends, food and just talks. :)


  3. Hi Tharagni~! I can't seem to leave a comment on your latest post so I am going to write it here, I am sorry! And you are not alone! I took computer science because I thought it would be the best of me; but I didn't realise that everyone is going to think like that as well.. But it is okay! I came to like computer science for real and now I can do anything that I want now that I've graduated. Explore life and enjoy it while you still can! xoxo


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