Oh what a year has it been!


I cannot believe that this is going to be my first post of 2015. It’s kind of shocking but then I find it funny at the same time too. I wasn’t able to blog because my last academic year had been really hectic and very quick to pass by too, now that I think about it. But nevertheless I’m blogging again in the summer because it is the much awaited vacation time!

Monsoon has started finally and my body detects these changes so very quickly in the form of catching a cold (I have a very sensitive nose – towards temperature changes and dust). Apart from that I am doing an in internship at my dad’s office because it is convenient, work at home and I can work with blasting music around me. I am interning as a web developer but along this course I want to give more priority to server side developing.

Apart from this I’m really hooked onto H. Murakami’s books and I’ve got his entire collection in my kindle. I’m reading them all in the chronological order in order to grasp his growth as a writer and the progress of his creativity and thinking. From what I have read so far (currently reading: The Wind – Up Bird Chronicles) Murakami’s characters are heavily influenced by Western Classical music. But then they are really good and make you think a lot philosophically and his analogies are weirdly connected.

Don’t know what else to say, just hope that I blog frequently though!


  1. Hi, Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Have fun at internship!


  2. been way too long kiddo and this blog was tooooo short -_-


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