What the rains?!

Yesterday it rained super heavily and the entire city was on a halt. The skies had a constant texture and hue throughout the entire day, be it in the morning or in the afternoon. The visibility was also super low. I couldn’t even see the building next to mine! It was all grey and rains. It was the perfect weather for a melancholic day but the best day ever for hot pakodas and hot chocolate drinks!

Apart from that it had been raining for the past 3 days and I also had the chance to meet up with my friends here. It was a kickass meetup which was hilarious and had lots of catching up to do from over a year! My friends always thought I am someone who studies all the time (I make it a point to strategically study before the day of the exam) and seemed genuinely surprised when they heard me use cuss words. We met up at Carter’s road and talked for hours inside a restaurant until Divya decided to enjoy the very nice weather outside. The enjoyment resulted us getting super drenched in the rain and running along the sidewalks of Carter laughing, stealing umbrellas so that the other person will get drenched on purpose and enjoying the overall “view outside”.

It was a pretty hilarious adventure and something which I am sure all of us would like to do once again.
And by the way, I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that Jon Snow died.

On Travelling and Late Night Curfew

So yesterday I visited Nat Geo's Travelling workshop, with a couple friends of mine, held at Title Waves, Bandra West. It was pretty difficult to find that bookstore unless you know the streets of Bandra West properly. That being said I did not thankfully get lost and I somehow managed to find the bookstore after asking every second passer-by there!

As a result I ended up reaching the event 10 minutes late but I didn’t miss out much. What happened after that was a real eye opener for me! The entire bookstore was engrossed in the discussion and every single person there was an avid traveller! I mean there were literally varieties of people there. There were some people who wanted to sleep under a streetlight (in their checklist, which she did cross out), cyclists who had gone everywhere with their cycles, mothers encouraging their daughters to travel (even if money was dawdling in the bank) and the most important part of interacting with the locals and also travelling safe. It was really an amazing session. I met this guy who makes a living out of photography and I was absolutely stunned. Like he just takes photos and that is his job! And I also met this writer (unable to categorise her genre which is somewhat mystic and dark) at the event. In the end I was really happy I went for it!

And after the event got over I was super hungry so we decided to go to Bandra Bandstand at 9.45 PM.

Yeah this is the first time I’d ever stayed out so late. So we went to the CafĂ© Coffee Day and I ordered a Matcha Green Tea Frappe which came super late and tasted of coffee.
And I hate coffee, that bitter tasting beverage. I’m more of a sweet person.

So I had to return it and wait for them to make my drink again and by then it was 10.20. They gave me some other drink which was bland but I didn’t care ‘because I was hungry and annoyed. So I just drank it.

Bandstand is really dark in the night. It was my first time there but it is a nice place though it’s not so good under the cleanliness forte. So we were just walking along Bandstand for like half an hour or so talking about Uber, Ola and App driven taxis and autos. And I finally reached home at 11.
And let’s not forget I was a bit edgy about being late but I was really shocked to see so many people and vehicles out at 11. It was a nice experience though.
Glad to have experienced it!

Oh what a year has it been!


I cannot believe that this is going to be my first post of 2015. It’s kind of shocking but then I find it funny at the same time too. I wasn’t able to blog because my last academic year had been really hectic and very quick to pass by too, now that I think about it. But nevertheless I’m blogging again in the summer because it is the much awaited vacation time!

Monsoon has started finally and my body detects these changes so very quickly in the form of catching a cold (I have a very sensitive nose – towards temperature changes and dust). Apart from that I am doing an in internship at my dad’s office because it is convenient, work at home and I can work with blasting music around me. I am interning as a web developer but along this course I want to give more priority to server side developing.

Apart from this I’m really hooked onto H. Murakami’s books and I’ve got his entire collection in my kindle. I’m reading them all in the chronological order in order to grasp his growth as a writer and the progress of his creativity and thinking. From what I have read so far (currently reading: The Wind – Up Bird Chronicles) Murakami’s characters are heavily influenced by Western Classical music. But then they are really good and make you think a lot philosophically and his analogies are weirdly connected.

Don’t know what else to say, just hope that I blog frequently though!