Messed up fun

Screw this.
I’ve scratched off the past 20 times on deciding what to write. I’m just going to write whatever is on the top of my head. Screw the rest.

It’s summer and it is bloody scorching here in Chennai. I haven’t gone home in the past 6 months but I managed through somehow. I’m not particularly homesick; I just don’t want to stay here. It’s too stagnant. I want a change of surrounding. It helps me clear my head. And now that it is vacation time I guess I can finally sit down and think without any vignetting thoughts and waste time wistfully.

I’m done with college. I’m supposed to be a senior. But I still feel like a kid inside. It’s fun to be reckless and not care about the consequences. I learnt to let go or rather I am still learning. Learning is like change, always constant. I did have to pay some heavy prices in the process though but that’s okay.
I have been to quiet a lot of places in the last year. Some were unexpected but they were certainly worth it. While travelling I realized it’s important to have to proper company. I realized the importance of pictures, words and mementos once again.
I met a lot, like really a lot, of people. They were all so diverse. It was so much fun listening to their stories. I’ve become more of a listener now. I’ve realized the people who are important to me and the price of trust.
And how can I forget?
I’ve seen the most mesmerizing sunsets this year and there can never be anything more gorgeous than a sunset. I made so many memories this year.
I had fun. I felt pain.
But whatever, it’s all done now.
Let’s take a break from the drama.

P.S: I swear this is the most disoriented post I’ve written and I feel really bad because there is no flow in the content at all and I want to kill myself for it. I can’t make any promises in the future but I’ll write something better later.


  1. That's your home in India (I assume)?
    It's nice to have like 2 homes in different
    countries ^_^
    To travel is one of my favorite things,
    where I meet new people, eat new things,
    explore cultures and many more! I hope
    you feel better now! Xx

    1. Nope. That's the guest house where I stayed when I visited Mahabaleshwar this January. And I don't have two homes in two countries. These are just places in India. I travel inside the country a lot. Chennai is where I study and Mumbai is where I live :)

  2. I like how you spoke about things in your mind :D
    I'm learning to let go and accept the unchanging facts,
    I'm learning to accept the changes around me and I'm learning to move on.
    I hope you're feeling better :)

    1. Thank you.
      You should try it too. It works. Sometimes I feel like I write with a lot of camouflaged boundaries. This time I decided I need to let those down and come out raw.
      It took a while to accept the changes around me. I decided to adapt to them and learn to live with them if they are still there. It's not that bad either!
      Hope you're feeling better as well! :D

  3. Hello lovely, I just came across your blog and it's awesome!! :)

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post!

    Please check out my blog if you can, thank you;


  4. You're from Chennai!? My dad visits there every year :) he says its beautiful. I hope to go one day myself x

    1. I study in Chennai so yeah :D Apart from the heat it's okay here :D

  5. lovely :)

  6. Love the light in that picture :) I understand what you mean about feeling stagnation and wanting a change in scenery, especially in the summer!


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