And it’s that time of the year again

It’s definitely not the award season. It’s the game season and it’s that time of the year when the whole (a very big whole) family reunites. It’s summer.

I can hear myself sigh mentally when I mutter summer. First of all I am not a big fan of the games that is cricket. Summer is the IPL season. IPL is the Indian Premier Leagues and it is 20-20 cricket. 20-20 cricket is the only form of cricket which I can tolerate. I loved watching it when I was in school. But now that I am in college I hardly get any tv and when I come home the whole family is cuddled in front of the tv completely cut off from the world, I get pissed. So I basically hate cricket now. But I just like supporting the team I favour and raising my eye occasionally when they either score a lot of runs or take a lot of wickets. The one good thing that comes out of this family tv time is that I get my peace of mind.
And then there is this, the family reunion thingy. I live in Mumbai but I study in Chennai. The entire family resides in Chennai. So in summer when it is vacation time for everybody, cousins pour in from all corners of India here in Chennai. It’s basically a month full of fun provided I am with the right cousins. And then how can I forget? This is India and it’s June during summer which is nothing but a binge wedding month.

I’ve attended more weddings this year than I could ever in my lifetime! We’ve got two weddings this month in a week. So I’ll be packing stuff and moving from place to place, eating lots and getting tired like shit. The only good part would be I’d be carrying my camera. When I’m taking photos I go into this trance like state where I forget about everything surrounding me and just focus on the photo and composition. Sometimes, or rather most of the time, my camera is my saviour.

After all this is over which would be like after the first week of June I’d finally be going to Mumbai. I missed it so much. I never thought I would miss it as much as I miss it now.
I can’t wait to go back home. It has been such a very long time, really.
By the way I’m resuming my project 365. I’m going to splurge upload because I am heavily lagging and I think the year was already over on March 22, 21014. But then I plan on finishing it unlike my 52 week project which I just dropped off.
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Messed up fun

Screw this.
I’ve scratched off the past 20 times on deciding what to write. I’m just going to write whatever is on the top of my head. Screw the rest.

It’s summer and it is bloody scorching here in Chennai. I haven’t gone home in the past 6 months but I managed through somehow. I’m not particularly homesick; I just don’t want to stay here. It’s too stagnant. I want a change of surrounding. It helps me clear my head. And now that it is vacation time I guess I can finally sit down and think without any vignetting thoughts and waste time wistfully.

I’m done with college. I’m supposed to be a senior. But I still feel like a kid inside. It’s fun to be reckless and not care about the consequences. I learnt to let go or rather I am still learning. Learning is like change, always constant. I did have to pay some heavy prices in the process though but that’s okay.
I have been to quiet a lot of places in the last year. Some were unexpected but they were certainly worth it. While travelling I realized it’s important to have to proper company. I realized the importance of pictures, words and mementos once again.
I met a lot, like really a lot, of people. They were all so diverse. It was so much fun listening to their stories. I’ve become more of a listener now. I’ve realized the people who are important to me and the price of trust.
And how can I forget?
I’ve seen the most mesmerizing sunsets this year and there can never be anything more gorgeous than a sunset. I made so many memories this year.
I had fun. I felt pain.
But whatever, it’s all done now.
Let’s take a break from the drama.

P.S: I swear this is the most disoriented post I’ve written and I feel really bad because there is no flow in the content at all and I want to kill myself for it. I can’t make any promises in the future but I’ll write something better later.