Sunset diaries

I love sunsets. I don't know why but for some reason they are better than the sunrise. After the sun sets, the sky is an abstract painting, a master piece by an anonymous painter interpreted by our imagination. Sunsets are the golden hour. There is a subtle hue of gold over almost everything which makes the surrounding and memories more precious and beautiful. People prefer the sunrise over sunset for obvious reasons such as the beginning of a new day and new hopes etc. But sunsets are no less. They are also a beginning – they are the beginning of a new night. It’s only fair if we treat every new night the same way we treat a new day. Moreover once the sun sets, the moon rises. So it is not that everything perishes after the sun sets. A whole new other life awaits after the sunset. The migratory birds flock at the huge mangrove tree in the lake. Jasmines bloom only after the sunset. Shops, pubs and parties open up as the sun sets. People transform from their monotonous suit life to a more exciting and colorful phase of the day. Shops light up for the arrival of crowd. Music lingers longer in the air once the sun sets. Creatures of the night crawl out to embrace their kingdom. Then there is the beautiful moon, either silver or golden, which rises once the sun sets. It engulfs the night with its timeless beauty leaving its admirers lost and mesmerized.
Sunsets are the beginning of the flipside.

My Rollercoaster

Isn’t it amazing how you are thrown to college all of a sudden in your life of unexpected twists and turns? It is like one of the best roller coaster rides in life ever. We experience a newly found freedom which is quiet addictive and it is only after that when we begin to explore and have fun with life. Well that’s the case for me atleast.

Honestly speaking whatever has happened to me in college is truly unexpected. First of all I had no plans of doing engineering and here I am doing that. I thought that I’ll hate this college but somehow I’m able to bear with it. The only thing which I was expecting to was the hostel life which I really enjoy!

After living in hostel I’ve understood the importance of having people around (Even though there are some days where I won’t give a damn about anyone and would feel like having a go at the world with my thoughts – solitude to be more precise). When we are in hostel we’ll always have that one friend whom we’d love to tag along with no matter what. And I observed that over here too. Strong bonds have formed after the end of one semester.
And I love talking about shitty, stupid and fun stuff with my best friend(s)!

I’ve begun to realize that eating at the mess is kind of like a ritual. I go to the mess at 7.30 with Teju (bestie) and I pray the food I eat that day should fill the bottomless pit in my stomach! We eat in silence, not speaking as we eat. But once we are done, or rather like when I am done I start doodling on my plate with food. I really like this habit! I remember as a kid I used to draw yachts and ships on my plate and imagine them rowing against a storm in my head. Then Teju will speak about the dreams she has (which are really wild and fascinating) and I listen in awe and wonder how the hell she can remember her dreams! Often I keep staring into space and drift off into my imaginary world where my thoughts start building up unimaginable conspiracies and I’ll be snapped out of it by Teju. Occasionally we talk about our childhood and family and laugh at the fun times we had when we were kids.
I love going down memory lane over food. It somehow makes people grow closer and we’ll of course get to know each other better. It was only after this I understood the meaning of the phrase, “The family that eats together, stays together”, and I’ve begun believing in it too.
Ah well food connects people.
And food is tasty.
Cheese burger with extra bacon and Happy Jack @ Sandy's