Chasing an Aging Dream

You might not achieve what you set out to achieve when you pursue your dreams; there is a very real likelihood it won’t happen. But don’t you want to give yourself the chance while you can? Because even though you might not want to give up on your dreams, if you put if off long enough, your dreams could give up on you. Because dreams are not perpetual; they are temporary. Like many things in life, they have expiration dates.
Kovie Biakolo
I've begun reading the articles written by this amazing writer and they always leave me literally spellbound!
Today I was reading her article about dreams and realized that it was so much similar to what I had during my school days.

She began with a touching note. she described her dreams of being a sprinter in her early childhood days, how she had an amazing speed. But gradually life weighed on her dreams and slowly her speed decreased and her sprinting dream vanished.

This hurt me too. It relates a lot to the dream I had in my schooldays.
Back then I wanted to go to external competitions and win prizes and be recognized for my speed. Back then I worked really hard on my speed and stamina to be recognized for the sport. And it did pay off.
But it was in the end of everything. It was in my final year (10th grade) during my last race. I won because of my speed and I was so proud then. But then I was disappointed too. It was because I realized that after that race I'd never be able to showcase my speed. Academics became the mainframe over the last two final years of my school. And as a result my speed gradually wore off and my stamina worsened and I was never able to run like I used to.

But I hope all of that will change now because I'm going to University now. Right now I want to be the best athlete in that University even if it means starting from the scratch and also be the best academically too. That way I hope that I'll get selected for the semester program abroad.
I seriously want to go abroad. I want to know how the world outside it. I am so curious to know what lies beyond India.

When we pursue our dreams with our own labour and passion, that is when we will feel no regrets for having pursued that dream. That is when our dreams will be fulfilled. Otherwise we will experience enormous guilt and regret which will eat us inside out.

I was archiving through my posts which I had written in my school days and quite a few of them surprised me! I had mentioned the names of my friends and family so care-freely, Comparing that to now, I just think too much about mentioning names in a post! Also there was this one post from my journal which I had typed down in my blog and I am so thankful that I did because it really shocked me and took me by surprise when I read the content. It even resurfaced memories which I thought I never had...! (post here)

P.S: I've changed my blog address and I doubt that Google will replace it with the old one. So please relink me on blogger & bloglovin' too.


  1. Your blog is lovely. :-)

  2. Sounds like a plan, hope it all works out! Don't forget to take down-time as well, too much pressure on yourself can backfire sometimes :)

  3. Oh wow, that's a tough dream. But I'm sure you'll be able to come far and be happy with what you've achieved. Don't forget to enjoy the everyday life, good luck!! :)


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