18th @AoiMumbai

My 18th birthday update post is late by 5 days. My friends: Tejasvita , Roli, Avneet and Divya surprised me on my 18th birthday by taking me to an authentic Japanese Restaurant in Bandra(W) called Aoi {Japanese for blue}.
We met up near school and bought the cake. Then we headed to Mt. Mary's Church Road. My friends kept on telling me that it was an Indian/Italian/Punjabi/South Indian cuisine restaurant and totally throwing me off the guessing track lol! :D

I was so happy when I entered the restaurant and found chopsticks and an open kitchen. I immediately realized that it was Japanese. Also there were Mangas and books about Ikebana/Tea/Haiku. It felt like a Japanese Haven!

[086] - @AoiMumbai
Greeted by Chopsticks

[093] - 18th @AoiMumbai
Thank god the birthday cake was small. Otherwise it would be just too much for a serving of 5 people!

[081] - @AoiMumbai Chef & Serving
Open kitchen and Chef + waiters on duty

[084] - @AoiMumbai Interior

[082] - @AoiMumbai Interior

[080] - @AoiMumbai Interior
I loved their interior! The anime character on the wall made me to cry when I first saw it. Also there are a gazillion cranes with lights hanging from the ceiling.

[091] - Tuna Tartare Uramaki @AoiMumbai
Starter: Tuna Tartare Uramaki

[079] Tuna Tartare Uramaki @AoiMumbai

[085] - Wasabi Sauce & Soy Sauce @AoiMumbai
Side dressing - soy sauce and wasabi sauce
Honestly speaking I've never wasabi sauce before and I didn't even know how it looked like before! At first when I saw the "green mixture" I thought it was green chutney. I had a nice big "chopstik-full" of it. Within seconds I felt like a fire engine was required in my mouth.

[092] - Prawn Bento @AoiMumbai
Main: Prawn Bento with Veg tempura, California rolls, veggies and miso soup
For me the miso soup tasted like the most bitter medicine!

[083] - California Rolls & Tempura @AoiMumbai

[088] - Veg Noodle Stir Fry @AoiMumbai
Main: Veg Noodle Stir Fry (YUM)

[090] - Grilled Chicken Donburi @AoiMumbai
Main: Grilled Chicken Donburi
I love Japanese rice! True it might be sticky contrary to Indian rice which is well loose. But Japanese rise tastes so sweet and flavorful and it is so easy to eat it with chopsticks as well! But Indian rice is not.

[089] - Norvegian Salmon with Tossed Ramen @AoiMumbai
Main: Norvegian Salmon with tossed Ramen
This dish is the most costliest of all the dishes we ordered. But it was worth the price (Rs. 650). The salmon was absolutely delicious and the ramen was yummy! I even loved the plating. It looked like it had come straight off from one of the contestants in Masterchef.

  • Interior: 5/5
  • Food: 4.5/5
  • Service: 4/5 (Of all the waiters only one knew the menu and dishes properly. We had to rely on him while he juggled between different customers)

Aoi is really active on social networking sites as well. They commented on my photos on their Twitter. Also don't forget to check out their Website and Zomato reviews too!

And thanks to them (and my friends ofcourse!) I'll never forget my 18th birthday! Thank you Aoi! :D {And I'll most definately visit your restaurant again!}

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  1. The food looks so good! Seriously, I want some jap food now! :)

    1. yup yup! makes me feel that way too whenever I see the photos lol! :D

  2. Ohh happy belated birthday! It looks you had a great celebration with really nice food! I get so hungry right now, and I've just had dinner... oops!

    1. thank you and hahahahah!! :D sometimes even i get hungry after having dinner! :'D


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