When you experience an overdose of Bleach

Whoop June has begun and it's only a few days away from my birthday. My project365 is beginning to lag heavily after I saw its progress when I inspected it through a super tiring record of it in an excel sheet!
My university starts from July 15 and I just want to use my holidays upto max till then. And the best way for me to achieve that is either by watching anime or reading manga.

Long before my grade 12 exams started I had watched the Bleach anime till Aizen's battle.
After that the anime updates were really slow so I switched to the manga and stopped reading it for a while due to exams. I finally resumed reading it over the last three days and the pure revelations have left me in shock!


I started reading the manga from Ichigo's discovery of himself as a Fullbring{Humans born with extraordinary capabilities}. For once I was really happy that the manga moved on from the 15 year old Ichigo to a 17 year old Ichigo. I always wondered as in how a 15 year old boy could do so much in Hueco Mundo. I am so glad that Kubo Tite decided to age his characters for the further advancement of the story and to make it more believable.

After Ichigo regains his shinigami powers from the reiatsu of the Gotei 13 another story stirs in Hueco Mundo, The Quincy Lord "Juah Bach" decides to slaughter the Soul Society. He slaughters it and steals most of the captain's Bankais and also kills Captain Commander Genryūsai Yamamoto.

The Soul Society is in a turmoil when Ichigo arrives (who is also badly injured). This is when the Zero Squad arrives to heal Ichigo, Rukia, Renji and Byakuya.

Ichigo learns the truth about his family from the zero squad members. His father(Isshin Shiba/Kurosaki) was the captain of the 10th squad of the Gotei 13 while his mother(Masaki Kurosaki) was a Pure Quincy bit by a hollow as a consequence of Aizen's hollowification experiment. Due to this Ichigo has part shinigami/hollow and part quincy blood.
The latest revelation Ch 540 was that Ichigo's zanpakuto Zangetsu is not Ichigo's zanpakuto. Rather it was a manifestation of Juah Bach, who controlled his powers so far: The Getsuga Tenshō and The Getsuga.


After I read till Ch 540 I was just shocked and thought about all the advancements Ichigo made with his power and mastering it and all the battles he fought, especially with the captains of the Gotei 13 and Aizen, were all due to his half Quincy blood!
If Ichigo was able to do that much with just his Quincy powers, then I seriously don't know what he's capable of with his Hollow powers...!!!

And all I can do is just wait for Ch 541 and see what happens. *sigh*


  1. Post was very interesting to read. Thanks for sharing

  2. I don't have time reading manga :c
    I prefer watching anime! Xx

  3. I never watch Bleach, is it nice? I hear it's very long so I haven't found time to watch. Probably in my semester break.
    Don't worry I skip the spoiler paragraph XD

  4. Your Project365 is so cool! I'm becoming a big fan of your photography! XD <3 <3
    Wow, your uni starts so quick? ._. Mine starts at August, and until then I don't really know what to do...
    Bleach, huh? It's currently on my manga bookmarks already. I hope I can catch up with the story, since it's so long already XD
    Hope you have a good holiday!! :D


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