To Travel is To Fall in Love

Today I had my studio test + portfolio interview for MIT Institute of Design, Pune.
The studio test consisted of two parts: situation test and material test. In the situation test we were divided into groups and were given a theme. Our group got the colour "Black" and had to present a play on it. We decided to portray a comic side of the movie "Black" starring Amitab Bachan and Rani Mukerji. I played the role of a "real blind girl". We even had to make props in the given time limit which was 20 minutes for preparation and 3 minutes for the skit. I made the director's mike using newspaper. Then the other members made black glasses and we made a blind person's stick by attaching 3 rulers each 30 cm long. We received a good applause for our play.

Then the material test was based individually. Everybody were given 1 plastic bottle, 2 plastic buttons, 1 plastic bag, 5 bob pins, 1 meter metallic wire, 1 white sheet, 1 drinking straw and 1 Styrofoam cup and were asked to make a TOY out of it. I made a caterpillar. And you can create sounds with it. We had to do it in 45 minutes.

After that we had an half hour break and then the personal interview + portfolio review. Before the interview I was so nervous and I was thinking constantly that no matter what happens I should give my 110%.

When it was my chance the interviewers (the people who interviewed me) asked me all the technical terms related to photography and why I switched from a digi cam to DSLR. Then they asked me to recite one of my poems. Later when they were going through my portfolio and when they came to the photography part of it all their eyes shifted towards my photos and I realized that my photos had captured their attention and I felt really happy then! And then it went pretty well. Atleast I was happy when I came out of the room!

Then we returned to our guest house around 5.30pm and there was gorgeous sunlight surrounding everything! It was an utter beautiful sight...!So I went out with my camera and began photographing things.

Bokeh against drying leaves and sunlight is amazing!
The beauty and colour of drying plants mesmerizes me.
A chair left alone in the street, unattended and lonely.
Civilization, kids riding on a bike with balance wheels. I had to take the photo fast because I'm a people-shy person!
More civilization as people go for an evening walk.
Barbed fence against bokeh, which is once again Love.
The entrance to the Guest House where I'm currently staying. The words written below it are a Hindi translation of 'Guest House'. It's read phonetically as "ath-ee-thi  grh-ha".
There were gazillion bougainvillea like this of different colours and there was also gardens where only bougainvillea grew. I was in heaven when I saw this! 
The entrance (door) to the guest house.
Orange bougainvillea
Some random flower growing along the entrance to the guest house.
The one thing I noticed as I photographed was less people were "glaring" at me than usual when I roam with a camera.
I got this amazing feeling from the surroundings just by walking around and absorbing my surrounding. I felt beautiful for the first time about travelling apart from my love for it and it felt amazing!


  1. You really are a good photographer!! I can feel the chemistry of that day you captured, it smells warm, humid and nice♥


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