Day 11 — A Deceased Person You Wish You Could Talk To

Dear You,

I can no longer ask how you are because I know that your heart can no longer feel. You live in a place which is cold. You are required to succumb to the termites of the underworld. I wish I could talk to you now. I wish I could reduce your misery. But now is not my time.
When it is my time, I will talk about everything with you!
I will keep in touch with your family. I will remember all their happy times as well as the unhappy times. I will learn more about you from your family. This is because I fear that in your lonely world you might lose yourself.
So I will remember your life as it was and as it is by your family. And when my time comes, I will make you feel alive with your life.
Till then, wait for me.


--> 30 Day Letter Challenge.

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