A Fortress in the Traffic

Today was our last day at Pune. So in the morning we decided to visit the Shaniwarwada Palace and Raja Dinakar Museum which are both nearby. We left at early noon so it was really hot and I felt really tired by the time I climbed the steep long stairs of the Palace. The layout of the palace was cleverly planned and fortunately there were enough trees to provide us shade!
After that we left for the Museum. I didn't use my camera because it didn't feel right for me to photograph artifacts. What I really loved about the display in the museum was the ancient dip-and-write-in-ink pens.
And I just wish I remember it's proper name, the dip in ink pen thingy of the ancient days.
I also saw Palm leaf paper and it was so cool!

Stuff at the courtyard in our Guest House.

can of dried paint
A can of dried paint.

These Chandeliers have been up ever since the time of Jawaharlal Nehru, i.e. from 1960s at our dining area. 

Layout of the Shaniwarwada Palace.

The Palace entrance and layout (2).

Well, I did say we left early noon. So the sun was right above my head and it was super hot! I had no way of preventing my eyes from squinting...!

It was seriously so hot! I mean all the locals were traveling with head-scarves and sunny hats. And it seemed only our group wasn't protecting our heads enough. So we had to cool ourselves off with some Sugarcane juice which was really sweet and refreshing!   

[045] - bicycle
A bicycle leaning against the palace walls of Shaniwarwada.

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