A New Chapter

We enter the world alone and we leave it alone and everything that happens in between we owe it to ourselves to find a little company. We need help, we need support, otherwise we are in it by ourselves. Strangers, cut off from each other, and we forget, just how connected we all are. So instead, we choose love, we choose life, and, for a moment, we feel just a little bit less alone.
- Grey's Anatomy
First of all, Happy New Year guys! :D
Dec/29/2012 was Tejasvita's birthday. So me and my friends were buying gifts for her from this amazing store in Pali Hills called "Candies". And these are some of the photos I took there.

There was this gorgeous store over there called "Marry Me - The Store" and it was a vintage heaven!
Unfortunately we couldn't buy anything from there because it was closed. :(

Candies has an amazing ambiance and it also has a green house. It has an open cafe in the terrace.

Another decor at the Marry Me Store.

And once again I will be gone on a very long hiatus, probably till March end because my Pre Boards have started and my Boards will start soon after that! So I really gotta prep!
Will miss my blog and readers terribly :(

Anyway have a great year ahead! ^_^


  1. Even though is late, but hope you have a great year too!!! =]

  2. All the best for your exams, and happy new year! That gift store looks lovely.

  3. I love Candies!! :D
    and I love the pics!! <3

  4. I didn't expect something that good!

    1. yep! it's really good! I was shocked at first when I saw such a place ACTUALLY existed in mumbai! You should try visiting it sometimes!

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  6. Hi dear! Thank you for the lovely comments...^^
    By the way, I use Java in my classes, how about you? :)
    And I thought it's 100, so it's -1 right, the contact lens power? XD haha~~~~
    Have a nice day!

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  8. these photos are really nice, i like how you edited them! xx

  9. Heyo :) found you "blogwalking" (or possibly blogstalking) a very long time ago on foxhoundsunleashed.blogspot.com (check the chatbox widget all the way down)...I ditched that blog and have another blog now...I was just checking my old blog to connect with my followers there when I saw your message, and I decided to follow :) beautiful pics btw!


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