That Smile, is Worthless

This post was originally written when I was in the 10th grade. It was during christmas time and Secret Santa :D Unfortunately I did finish typing it that day BUT I FORGOT TO PUBLISH IT! *cries* Thankfully my friend (Ujju - The person to whom my gift was in this post ^_^) reminded me today in FB and I was damn sure I had this posted until I saw it in my drafts. ._. 
Anyway hope you like it! ^_^

Okay. So Secret Santa got over and I got my gift! :) It is a pair of nail polish, light pink and black. And they are totally awesome! I have those same colours on my thumb [thumb alone because of school!] along with white. It looks like a cool gradient [even though my first thought was to put it that way] with the colour mix: White, Light Pink and Black. Lol looking at it makes my thumb look like it is in some fancy (joker) dress competition! :D But nevertheless, it looks really cool. And for all of that, thank you Farheen :)

Now let’s turn the tables over to the person to whom I gave the gift :) It was to Ujju, my dear bench mate :). Well just because she is my bench mate didn’t mean that I couldn’t place the gift without her knowledge. Let’s just say that luck was with me that day and she was sitting behind me while I was sitting with my bff, Pratyusha! :) Omg I love to sit with her! She cracks jokes like hell and can make you giggle through a whole class! She is also my mode of entertainment ‘cause the teachers just love to pick her no matter where she is! :D It’s all part of the fun. Nothing serious! :P

Coming back as I’d mentioned earlier my gift to Ujju was a pink Cinnamoroll plushie and a fab white purse which, I knew that she had to like it. And she did.
I managed to keep the gift in her bag when she went out and almost the whole class saw me and I hoped against that they wouldn’t tell her. Successfully they didn’t.

Later it sucked. We had a boring leg aching assembly on math ‘cause it was Math Day that day and I had to wait for hours until she opened her present.

Eventually she did. Well actually she and I got our presents on the same day so we planned to open it in the 4th period, language. And so we did.

When she opened her gift, she smiled so big that my heart glowed with pleasure and I too smiled secretly because I knew instantly that she loved the gift. And no one could have ever bought that smile. My identity had to still remain a secret (yep! I hadn’t revealed her that I was her SS! :D – but I had to reveal it later for a reason).

The Cinnamoroll plushie was pink in colour despite its original being blue & white (the shop did have blue & white, but it was dirty. Pink one was clean) and she began calling it ‘Pinky’ her new ‘Boyfriend’. That did it. I couldn’t stand and see the real facts being faked.

Cinnamoroll is a girl puppy which has the ability to fly using its big floppy ears. And I couldn’t bear it being called ‘Boyfriend’ (yes that is how I am). ‘Girlfriend’ was fine. But I couldn’t tell that to her yet.

So in the lunch break she went with Cinnamoroll (please I like it to be called by its original!) to meet her other friends on another section. As soon as they’d seen Cinnamoroll they told, “It was given to you by Tharangni, right?” I didn’t know what Ujju replied but I heard that from her after she met them. And then the volcano burst open and I slipped out my identity and told her the real info about Cinnamoroll.

Finally I felt content and happy for getting to be an awesome SS in my final year[10th grade]. :)

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