Panache - Live Like There's no Tomorrow

Panache - That's the name of our school festival. It was a two day event which took place on the 20th and 21st December. It's kind of obvious from the tagline of the event that our school was trying to spoof the Mayan predictions, and we did in the most amazing way ever! The festival was hosted by the 11th graders and was attended by the students of 9th-12th grade.

I didn't attend the first day because I got up really late [around 10.30ish] and I didn't feel like going anyway. So I went the next day and reached the school ground by 7.30. I had to reach there early because my friend (Tejasvita) had registered my name for an event, "How I Met your Murderer". Unfortunately the event heads didn't consider our group as a part of the competition on the basis of nothing [that really pissed me off]. So me and Tejasvita registered our names for 100m.
Getting ready for the 100m. I'm the one in super light blue jean
Our class Teacher :D He looks so cute in this, almost like Doremon :D
Tejasvita + Roli's painting which won the 1st prize! :D
I was really happy running for the 100m race! I love running and it had almost been 2 YEARS since I ran. Obviously, my speed was rusty and my take off time was delayed (as usual) but nevertheless, I was happy that I got the opportunity to run a race and feel the wind rushing against my face. ♥

Next up, we headed to Pulse. Pulse was an event in which a video clip will be played (in mute) and you have to enact the scene on your own without the original dialogues. Avneet (my friend) took part in this event and she won!!!
She had to enact the role of Shah Rukh Khan from some movie lol.
RANDOMNESS (L-R : Tejasvita, Roli & VJP)

21/dec/2012 is my class teacher's birthday. So our class bought him a cake and we called sir immediately from school telling there was an emergency etc etc and he rushed immediately. He gave us a politician type welcoming when he saw his cake (chocolate which for the record was DELICIOUS! ~ I was licking only the cream lol) and he cut it happily :) Then he received a gift from Shreya which was a cute pup doll for which he posed really cute poses. Then he received a card from our class in which we all had written him messages and wishes for his birthday. And sir said that, that was his best birthday present and he would treasure it (yay!) :D
PANACHE and events
Sir's Politician Wave lol :D
Yup Yup, everyone gathering for the cake :P
Rawr (Sir's pose + gift)
This is Sir, Doll and Chemistry ma'am. Lol they were so funny! :D
By then it was 11 and we didn't want to stay in the ground because the ground would get fried up due to the heat and I really hate the sun. So me, VJP, Roli & Avneet (all friends) decided to go to Tejasvita's house since it was near the school.

Her house is in Palli Hills and it is freaking amazing! I loved her house! :D
We had tea there (which was made by me! ^_^) and ordered lunch from KFC! :D We spoke about random stuff etc and were at her house till 3.15 and after that we returned to school.
umm yeah... so that's Roli down and me up. :3 This is the only photo with KFC boxes
~ 2 ~
Then in school Tejasvita took part in Mr. & Ms. Panache but didn't win :(. By then the heat was really setting in and they had made us sit in the middle of the ground in the hot afternoon without any protection from the scorching heat. God I literally died and whenever we went off the ground to the tents, sir would always tell us to return to the grounds{ (-_-) so pissing }

And then events started getting kinda boring and I really wanted to take some proper portrait shots of people 'cause I'm never around with too many people with my camera at the same time. Also I'm kind of people shy person and that's why I never take too many people photos. And anyway these guys were my friends so they listened to whatever I told them to do. :D

I grabbed the opportunity and took some photos the way I had them pictured exactly in my mind. I made my friends each do an expression and everybody's except VJP's came really good. That's 'cause I seriously don't know what expression would suit her. So I took photo of her eyes, which are AMAZING btw!

Tejasvita - Sadness/Depression
Avneet - Bellatrix - Evil/Vengeance
Roli - Dreamy
Avneet - Dreamy
Roli - Happy
VJP - Eyes
My friends were laughing at me while I was taking this picture lol.
 'cause I had to stand on the bench lol :D
Me - Tired

After this random photo session there was style act (ramp walk), music played by school band and music music music! :D This lasted for about an hour or so. After this the event was slowly wrapping up and we had the last dance in the end! :D

And ohmygod! The last dance was AMAZING! It was literally like "not-end-of-the-world-but-new-beginning" type party and everyone went crazy!
This is my last year of school and I was like I don't wanna miss anything and I just danced like hell and I couldn't believe that I was actually DANCING! Me and my friends don't usually dance. We are the silent types who are just happy chatting away in the corner.
But when the DJ played the music, we all let go of our worries and who we were. We didn't care about anything. We didn't care about the world or Mayans or anything. All we did was live the moment - without any hesitation.
And we loved it! :)
We were all kinda shocked in the end 'cause we never dance and yet we danced like mad retards! :D
It was amazing!
I loved the Last Dance :D

Unfortunately since we all danced like mad retards for the first time, our whole body ached (and it still aches! :( ) and we can't move much around now :D :P

Oh well so much for the end of the world. I enjoyed 21/dec/2012! :D
Too bad it can come only once :P
Lol my shoes after Panache! :D They had become red and are originally blue :D
Oh and finally exams are over and I CAN BLOG! It's almost like I can breathe. But it's only for a short while though. :( Will be gone from January (again) because of Pre-Boards and stuff and then I will have my boards in March.
*sigh* ~ Life
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P.S: The photos were transferred directly from cam. So no editing done :(

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