An Unsolved Mystery

Barred by a shell of crystal water,
Touch and feel the wrath and burn.
A doorway to another realm –
Keys to the inner soul.

Barricaded by needle towers,
A blinking moat, missing crocodiles
Light that spins your steps –
And fortunes untold.

Harbouring the vistas of the world
Inside – a divine castle,
A golden pantheon –
And an unconquered land.

Human eyes are an unsolved mystery

I've always been mesmerized by eyes.
I'll be gone till mid December because of my 12th Standard exams. So won't be posting for a while now. :(
Hope you all have a great winter :) :)


The night enveloped by the silent roars of the city,
Tiny crickets sync to the clock.
The lonely sky mesmerized by a scintillating light,
A mystic fragrance sweeps the night.

Footsteps echoed in the lifeless streets,
Grey shadowed people’s dreams,
Lacerating cries of a broken heart,
Against this mellow ignorance, tonight.

The Reason To Live

I close my eyes to make this world disappear
I hope to slip away from reality
I pray for this every year
Why does life weave its story in ambiguity?

The roof over my head is tearing apart
Debris buried long ago - gave way,
Welcoming me to the pain I once bid adieu
Only to roll over my trauma yet again - mon dieu.

Strength can no longer be clasped by fists,
Voices can no longer be heard by ears,
And the truth, blinded by mere ego.

When life can stir up such a nightmare,
Why is it that I have to be the victim of this macabre?