How my Art can change the world.

Few days back, me and my friend were discussing the various challenges posted by SCAD to apply for their scholarship programme. My friend decided to do the Comic Book Series depicting a story on “How my art can change the world”. In order to get inspired she asked me the question, pointing out if the same question was asked at an interview, and at point blank I went speechless and I was not able to even think of what to answer!

Introspecting on my inability to answer I just began to wonder what my art really symbolises.
I recently started going for external art class and even though I’ve just attended 4 classes or so, I’ve actually begun to understand what I want my art to depict.

My art is basically simplicity touched with the appropriate colours. It tries to connect my ideas with everyday objects. True, like every other artist, I want it to send a message to my viewers and peers. But what I really want it to do is add colour to the world.

When I look at the world now, or more precisely India, I can symbolically colour it grey and nothing else. I want my art to colour the grey. I want my art to splash the lives of the grey people with opportunities so that their dreams can also be fulfilled. I want my art to be a helping aid in bringing smiles and granting the people’s wishes.

It may be a clich├ęd idea now. But this is what I want my art to do.
And this is how it will change the world.


  1. great picture!!
    xx Jules

  2. looks cool :)


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