Kisses that excite
Smiling - sincere love that haunts
Yet you amuse me
Just a jovial post! :)
Exams are around the corner, so will be on a Hiatus! :)


  1. I could imagine writing this myself but I dearly wanted to change the last line to: "Yet you amuse me" as love is nothing without laughter.

    Good luck with the exams.

  2. @Ellecee & Lee ~ Thank you! :)

    @Oldegg ~ Thank you so much for that suggestion! :) I'll replace it asap! :) I was searching for a word that would suit the complete meaning of this haiku and you've suggested the perfect one! :) Thank you! :)

  3. I'm not sure which tastes better on the lips, kisses or laughter. but when they come together...

    lovely poem.


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