When the World Came Falling Down

Dancing Waters.
Glistening Leaves.
Fading Lights.
Ghoulish Whispers.

Rain lashed down like heavy pelts,
Clouds hung heavy, ready to drop.
Lightning races across the sky
Sending sparks through the spine.

And the battle began.

Water fought hard against land,
Collapsing – trees, buildings and bridges.
Alert, sent humans to a riot.

The humans scurried –
Like an anthill, annihilated.
Confused – they felt their wrath.
Poison stung at the roots, multiplying everything red.

As the curtain slowly fell,
Rain ceased her symphony.
All that was once, now lost.
Regret resided among hearts, rumbling along with despair.

Timeless Piano

The city buzzed with life
Lights travelling – connecting souls
Footsteps of the lone seeker,
Echoed through the ally.

Eyes that were lit,
Eyes that were still searching.
Ears tuned to the shadows of the music,
She walked, through the ally.

Venturing in a place never been before,
Listening to a sound lost in the crowd.
Ears, not as intense as the heart –
Walking the path along her red string.

And closing towards that deafening sound,
Playing with the keys, like a child,
Locking her heart unknowingly to that tune –
Leading her to The One.

They gazed at each other – Strangers.
Innocent love spread through the air.
Hearts stopping after the fall of crescendo,
Soul mates, as the last note hit.