into the mystical abyss

into the mystical abyss by jathdreams

into the mystical abyss, a photo by jathdreams on Flickr.

I took this type of "natural gradation" of colours shot by accident.
I was primarily focusing on getting a good sunset shot. I was trying to get it without the bright colours of the sun off-toning my picture.
So I changed the settings to 1/4000s, ISO 1000 and tilted my camera vertical.
The first shot, totally blew me away because I never expected this to be the outcome!

The original shot wasn't like this. I had to rotate the picture by a 180 degree and saturate it a bit more. Also there was this wire cutting the picture and it looked totally ugly! so I had to "patch it up" in Photoshop! :D

Anyway the weekend is approaching! :D Hope you all have a great time shooting pics and having fun! :)


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