Reading through War

Photo from Flickr via very cheri

Elegant shadows swept across the room
Voices whispered in the dark
Shelves that leaned to doom
And eyes that shone with life.

Pulses the throbbed in the pages
Words that was too baffled to be read
Eyes that searched for truth
And that negated the signs of defeat.

Cries that shot through the aisle
Sparked the inner mind
Eyes that now saw the truth
Fought till, it was the last one standing.

This post is a response to a prompt @3WW

11/52 - spring is almost here

I was really worried that this tree would have grown all it's leaves by the time I took it's photo because I was planning on taking it's picture for a very long time!

So I'm really glad that it hasn't! :D
And yes, there are small green leaves growing from the tree's branches.

So Spring is going to be here soon! :)

10/52 - hibiscus

10/52 - hibiscus by jathdreams
10/52 - hibiscus, a photo by jathdreams on Flickr.

I love the colours present in this picture. they are just spot on. the brightness/contrast and everything about this picture, I just love it!!!

i've got this wonderful flower that grows in my balcony and it just brighten ups my day! :)

And wow! I'm posting this picture at the nick of time! :D Had I posted it any time later, i would have missed week 10!