Sand Castle

Castles that were made from sand
Towers that stood away from the sea
A flag that signaled life
And a princess lost in its maze.

Castles that had memories –
The princess who had the key.
Wind blew, and the castle fell.

Taking the memories with her,
The princess ran.

Broken, destroyed and defeated
The remains of the castle looked lump.
The princess turned back to look at it.

She ran back towards it
And still holding the key,
Began to build it again,
For she was the memories.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. awww but studies is important~ Study hard for it yeah! ^_^
    I don't really have much stuff to update. My life is so boring boohoo*

    It's the holidays for me now! :)

  2. @Lisa ~
    Yep I'm studying as well as blogging :] and lucky you!! You've holidays now! :'( Mine are only in May ;(

  3. haha but there's nothing much to do during the holidays!
    What will you normally do during the holidays?

  4. Loved the poem!! The picture is amazing too :)

    Even I'm stuck studying. I get it :)

  5. hi there.. how are you? Happy weekend to you..

  6. @wisewit - thanks! :)
    @philo- thank you! ^_^
    @mike - errrrr....

  7. @wisewit - thanks! :)
    @philo- thank you! ^_^
    @mike - errrrr....


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