Painting Skies

The sky is my canvas.
It is white and I paint in blue
I use the sponge to make the clouds.
The sun is rising,
I use orange, yellow and a little bit of red to paint this God.
Slowly my colours drip off the canvas down to Earth,
Painting everyone and giving each their colour.

The sky is a lonely blue
Searching for someone to love it and paint it.

And so once everyday before the sun bids bye,
the world splashes colours on it.
White, blue, purple, yellow, orange, red.
And the massive canvas is now complete.

The sky has been painted.


  1. @Lisa:
    As replied in your blog
    omg!! yes! of course!! i didn't forget ya! :D and btw your lay has changed big time!! its nicee!! <3

  2. phew I'm glad you remember me! :)
    Hehe thank you thank you!!! ^_^

    How have you been? How's 2012? omg I missing blogging and everybody!

  3. @Lisa
    As replied in your blog
    I've been good! :) Unfortunately 2012 is gonna be swallowed up by studies. :'( .
    And due to that I've very less time to blog!!!!!!! X(
    how about you? how are things on your side?


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