A loner’s heart throbs in the desert,
Blood of your sister flows through your vein.
Letters that share a silent secret,
Words that convey the message of your hidden pain.

BTW - this is my 300th post! :)
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Notice Me

Amidst the passing cars
There was a soul with breathing scars.
Memoirs of a New Year –
Sadness stricken with ember
Voices that buzzed in my head
And awakenings I cannot perceive. Instead –
I reach for those eyes
That longs for me.

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Sand Castle

Castles that were made from sand
Towers that stood away from the sea
A flag that signaled life
And a princess lost in its maze.

Castles that had memories –
The princess who had the key.
Wind blew, and the castle fell.

Taking the memories with her,
The princess ran.

Broken, destroyed and defeated
The remains of the castle looked lump.
The princess turned back to look at it.

She ran back towards it
And still holding the key,
Began to build it again,
For she was the memories.

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Painting Skies

The sky is my canvas.
It is white and I paint in blue
I use the sponge to make the clouds.
The sun is rising,
I use orange, yellow and a little bit of red to paint this God.
Slowly my colours drip off the canvas down to Earth,
Painting everyone and giving each their colour.

The sky is a lonely blue
Searching for someone to love it and paint it.

And so once everyday before the sun bids bye,
the world splashes colours on it.
White, blue, purple, yellow, orange, red.
And the massive canvas is now complete.

The sky has been painted.


These lights, they blind me.
I try to open my eyes to see the truth yet they forbade me.
Sometimes I wonder where I am;
What time I am in and whether I am lost.
These lights don’t give me hope, they scare me.
I am lost in this bright light and I wonder if darkness is the key.

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Death Notes

A ballad last sung in the snow,
Flakes that drifted towards that song;
Footprints etched forever in that path,
A lost soul that lingered in the platinum white;

Paths that entwined with each other,
Frozen tears of an angel, dripped in Holly;
And star trails crossed the sky,
Reviving memories once again;

Colours that faded with time,
Flowers that withered for eternity.

We followed no time,
And still stood beside each other;

A symphony that swept like destruction,
And chaos stroke like an avalanche;
And yet we held each other,
Coffining ourselves with the snow, forever.

Hope I'll be more regular with posts this year! :]

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