A glow in the dark
Through canopy of Maple
Radiance applauds.

Response to a prompt in Haiku Heights.

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Victims of Light

Yeah, I took it. :) **C**

Paper cranes swayed with the wind,
Flickering lights are the dancers of this stage;
Booms, bangs and blasts fill up the dome,
A solstice night that harbors illumination.

Behind the curtain lies a petty soul, lost to the Devil –
Weeps slowly watching the shattered glass,
Which reflected his shattered dreams,
All given away for this luminescent night.

I wanted to theme this poem around the irony of a "Happy Diwali".

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The Last Song

Summer shone through the leaves,
A white streak passed the sky;
Little birds chirped in the branches,
I stood in the meadow listening to this chorus.

The wind rustled the grass,
Words that were meant for someone crossed my lips;
Tuning itself to the sounds around,
I glanced at the coming winter and sang my last song.
I am so sorry because I wasn't able to blog for like, DAYS! It was mainly because I was out of station (vacations) and also my exams were going on! So I'd a tight schedule for many days and now I'm relieved!

I fell like writing blank verses now 'cause I think they spread the message/meaning of the poem much better than a rhyming one. Personal
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