A Tale of Blues and Waves

Lapping endlessly with a million crease,
Sounding alike to the shrill of dolphin;
All minds digress,
As a melody tuned to Chopin;
Rose above the waves in melancholy,
Caressing the world in the arms of united symphony.

Foam that ebbs like trinkets –
Dies away from our fingers,
Passing through like threads of gossamer,
Yet, only to follow once again.

Cacophony call arises in the sky,
Winged beats that dot the blue;
Overjoy preludes with a strident cry,
Talons brush the water in a distorting hue.

A world hidden deep down,
An abyss that lays forever unknown;
Mismatched with the perfect corals,
Embedded with mosaic sea shells.

Schools of fins that pass you by,
Sometimes a peck and sometimes a bite;
Treasure that whisper “Forget me, Ay!
Eternal beauty that will be unrevived.

Light glimmers through like art,
Shining its way to this dark paradise;
An unknown world, silent and apart
A High Queen who thrones with no demise.

Alas! It is she, who hides away from all eyes,
Skimming away with the tides;
Watching each other closely,
And ensuring life underwater is in harmony.

Posted by Tharangni