Stairway to Heaven

The stairs ascended to a bright light,
Spiralling to an endless infinite;
Railings that looked fresh and new –
Smiling to an open invitation from the top cue;
White winter roamed the lands and skies,
Not a single soul jutted his voice.

Heaven was above and below,
Separated by nothing but and old stairway of willow;
Her sweet melodious voice serenaded,
And light from the candles applauded;
Each note rising higher and higher,
Each note calling me closer and closer;
A harp that played the tunes of death,
A stormy night had caught my breath.

Tears washed away by the rain,
Anguish – I wish I never fain;
Star-crossed I maybe tonight –
A curtain fall for the last time. Aphrodite
Calls me longingly to her cavern,
And I finally ascend the stairway to my heaven.

© Image : P5000


  1. Hey Tarangini.. reading after a very long time..!!

    good template and a good theme in this post..

    could feel it yar..well written..

  2. RE: haha..agree..well..try watching it out..even though the story is slow..and has fillers (which irritates me..btw..samadrita tells me she dont see those unimportant episodes as fillers..i maybe depends on you)..i guess its worth checking rating is 8/10..kinda higher..considered that IT IS a slice of
    life..maybe i gave 8 because ko-chan was there..:D

  3. I liked the style and the whole poem was very pleasurable.


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