Day 09 – Someone you wish you could meet.

Dear Pratyusha, Ujjwala and Pooh,

I missed you guys so much!
Okay I can already imagine your face going like “What the hell did she mean in the first line?!”. Relax it means “hisashiburi – meaning ‘long time no see!’ (of course in Japanese)”. So you can stop scratching your heads now! :D

How you been guys? I miss you so much! How are college and school? And Ujju how are things going in your hostel? Have you made any new friends yet? How is the place? How is your new college and have you caught up with the portions there?
God! I feel like asking you all a gazillion questions but this is not going to be a question paper. :P

Life is going in an ease and I’ve formed new friends here too. They’re nice people. There’s Surbhi, Vijaypriya, Anuja, Shreya and there are others too. Not even a single day in our school goes by without saying, “You know in my previous school…” or “In 10th we used to have so much fun…” We all miss our old school days. As a matter of fact even though we might be in schools now, we still prefer school as the days that were till 10th. The faculty is good here. However our physics sir sucks. We’ve had almost like 4 physics teachers alone till now!

People here always talk in Hindi! :(
It really sucks when I can’t speak out because I’m still scared of my Hindi. So I converse in English even when people talk in Hindi. Even our teachers talk/teach in Hindi only sometimes!
I’ve had so many backward moments already, almost like one every day! Today there were two birthday boys and they were receiving birthday blasts from their friends and as soon as I saw that my mind immediately went back to the past when it was my birthday and I thought about how Deeksha and Komal tried to give to blasts that day. I also remembered the part when I cleverly dodged them. :P

Okay, now let me bring you back to the reality which I’d purposely omitted in the first few paragraphs.
Mumbai is not a great city when compared with Hyderabad. It is over populated, congested, huge, filthy, covered with skyscrapers, traffic and no trees - a total contrast to Hyderabad. Moreover the beach is unique. Because, usually the oceans are meant to be blue, but here they are brown. Like real literal brown. You can pretty much forget about looking through “transparent” sea waters here!

School is filled with groupies! There is no such thing as a family, like we used to have before in our old class. And honestly, sometime you’d feel like you’re at a fashion parade!

There is so much more I’d LOVE to tell you guys! But I unfortunately can’t. :P (Lol! Will text you!)

Till then take care, babysit (to Pratyusha :P) and have fun with your lives!

Yours forever and ever,
Tharangni :)
This post is a response to a prompt at 3WW & a part of my 30 Day Letter Challenge. :)

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