Day 07 - Your Ex-boyfriend/Girlfriend/Love/Crush

Dear eL,

How are you? Hope you are fine.
I’m sorry about what happened between us in the past. Things weren’t meant to happen that way, but it happened and we’d decided to move on ever since then.
Please don’t think that I don’t care about you just because we are over. I’d like to see and talk with you and be friends with you.
Back then you’d make me go to speechless. Your loose hair of and dark sapphire eyes makes me feel lost and searching for words. I’d never say that that charm of yours would disappear. Why, as a matter of fact I still do feel the same even as I write this to you.
It’s strange but I feel that I can express my feeling for you only through words and letters.
But you are no longer the one I seek.
Even though you still have that charm over me, I think now, that whether it was just love that attracted me towards you or your mysterious charm?
My life is going smooth now. I’m thinking it’s time that I need to make myself happy rather than making others. I think it’s time that I decided to live for myself, just for once.
Hope to hear soon from you.


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  1. i love the name of him, "el"

    nice was full of memories :3


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