Day 06 - A Stranger

Dear Stranger,

Your name says it all. Stranger.
You are unknown to me. You are nothing but just a blur in my life and more like a falling star. I just see and observe you.
Stranger, you are, but still you are a person, a person who can teach others and from whom others can learn.
The strangest thing is that even though I might have no idea of what type of person you are, you observe me too.
You observe and decide to teach me the values and morals, which even my peers couldn’t have probably taught me. This means you worry about your surroundings and its people.

Truth be told, that is human intuition, worry and care and the world becomes a better place.
This might be a funny thing but to me all are strangers at first.
So no matter how you look at it the first thing you do is actually get to know a stranger and later you befriend them.
Strange right?

But still who knows what you are thinking, when for that fraction of a second, our eyes lock and who knows if you’re even looking at me.

I mean, after all you are still a stranger to me in the end of the day.

I know. I haven't done this "30 Day Challenge" in a proper sequence. As a matter of fact I think I'm continuing this almost after a whole year!
But I promise you now that I'm somehow going to complete this challenge within 30 days! (let's hope, please!)

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