The Contract

The contract was signed. Now all I had to wait for was the job to done.
After all, I’ve waited for five years for this moment to come.

5 years ago.
I was looking out of my window at the falling cherry blossoms. They were looking like pink snow and were really pretty. I remember smiling at them and that was when Sean brushed the fringe away from my face and blew a soft breeze.

“Off to dreamland I presume… What were you dreaming about? I bet it was about me, right?”
He chuckled as he said the last sentence. I wanted to tell him it was true, but I did not.

“No! Of course not! Why would I anyway?!” I rolled my eyes and continued, “I was just admiring the cherry blossoms. They look so pretty right? And also this is going to be the last day of school, like forever! We don’t have to come to this place ever again! It’s going to be such a relief!”

He leaned against my desk and looked out and said, “Truly said my angel, the cherry blossoms do look pretty and yes, this is also the last day of school… and also my…”
“Angel?! Honestly, what is wrong with you? Cut me some slack please, you ok?”

“Oh! Yes I’m perfectly fine. And don’t you hear the bell ringing? I think it’s time for the school to be haunted. Come on now, let’s go.”
“By haunted you mean free right? You and your metaphors!”

That was the last cherished movement of my life. Thinking what happened after that just makes me sadly nauseous.

As soon as school had gotten over Sean dragged me to a coffee shop telling that he was going to treat me since “school’s finally over and all”.
I ordered a Cappuccino. Sean ordered Mocha.

We were sipping our coffee silently and it was Sean who broke the silence.

“Remember in class that I told this is the last day of school?”
“Yes. Why are you bringing that now?”
“Just listen. Do you also remember the next sentence which I told you?”
I tried to remember his words in the backdrop of cherry blossoms…
“…the last day of school and also my…”
“Yes! But you never completed it…”

He smiled. It wasn’t his usual ear-to-ear end smile. It was a subtle one, the one which he used when he wanted to convey sad news. The last time I remember seeing him smile like that was when his favourite pet Rocco died. That was two years ago.

“Let me complete it for you. Today, apart from being the last day of school, is also the last day I’m going to live. I’m not a normal mortal. I’m living a curse. Only once in millennia will I be able to live till my adulthood with you, which happens to be now. Other times I don’t get to meet you. I die very young, being a child, being your child.”

I listened to what he spoke in utter astonishment wondering if he was playing a joke with me. But the look in his eyes told me he wasn’t because his eyes, they were looking so desperate. Whatever he’s spoken just now went inside my head like a vacuum cleaner sucking the dirt. Except what he told right now wasn’t dirt, it was the truth.
I took in a few gulps still not believing what he’d said and sipped my Cappuccino.

“So this is the last time I going to see you as an adult? And after that you will… be my child, and then you will die again?” My eyes were beginning to swell and tears started coming.

He immediately came closer and huddled me and assured me, “Hey! Don’t cry! You will see me again as a child…! Please don’t cry! It just makes my departure more painful. Please don’t!”

“Is it just me? Does this happen to you only with me?”, I said in between sobs.
He cupped my cheek, “Yes, yes. It’s only and always you. That’s why it makes me feel so painful and at the same time it makes you even more precious, my angel.”

He leaned closer and whispered in my ear, “My time has come. I have to leave now. Goodbye. And don’t cry. ”

I was beginning to throw a hysteria. I could see him slowly disappearing into the thin air. Just like the way no one could. An aura of sparkles surrounded him. I was wondering what it was.

“Don’t think too much Anna, you always do. I’m being carried away by fairies.” I heard him chuckle again. And I knew that it was going to be the last time I’m ever going to hear that sound.
“How will I know you are going to come to me again?” I shouted at the top of my voice since he had already drifted away to the skies.

“In five years. Just sign a contract. Goodbye now Anna. I love you and I know that you love me too, even though you never say it.”

“Bye! And be sure to come and see me within five years!”

And that was the last time I ever saw Sean. Until now.

I had another chance now. I had a guarantee that I would see him again. After all I did sign the contract.

I saw him standing there. He had long dark hair and the warmest grey eyes. I knew who it was without any thought.
It was Sean.
“Finally.” I whispered.

Response to a prompt at 3WW.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. Fascinating story, even with tea and coffee mixed up.

    Great use of three words. I hope you'll check out my attempt.

  2. That was an awesome pic ..:) loved it..

    The contract.. that's how we get inspired with the happenings.. all perfect but not the same too..

    Nice read..

  3. awesome story. i feel like drinking coffee. oh and as for the moved, idk i feel like it haha.

  4. Wonderful story but I'm confused wasn't he suppose to come back as a baby first?

  5. Im so sad that post ended.. I could have read happily for a long time more! It was so good! Inspiring.. With a twist ^.^


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