Autumn Confession

You sit there perfectly like a goddess –
With a while halo surrounding you
Amidst the gold of the autumn

Your dark eyes hold the key –
To the mysteries of my abyss
And my heart turns into knots even as I think about you.

Your gentle movements sway my heart
Even your slow smile melts my soul.
I find the courage to confess my love –
Just the way Spring kissed Winter.

Right now, Autumn is our world.
The golden leaves are the carpet
And you are my princess.

I pray my valiance may conquer this love I’m offering to you.
I love you, my Princess.
~For a Friend.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. aww..this is a cute and sweet poem..and i love the pic..kimi ni todoke! XD

    RE:it's ok..

    if you dont know the seiyuus of your fave anime characters..just reseasrch them in

  2. give me name of the music please *-*


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