Have you ever wondered what you’ll write about today? You have your document open and your eyes are just glued to the blinking cursor wonder what to actually write and if it would be worth a read.
Even though there might be so much to write about such as Anna Hazare’s “half victory” (like I couldn’t care less) or maybe the gashing (and turning out to be quite irritating) rain over the past few weeks which has no mind of letting down or so many much more!
But you’re still staring at a blank document.

That is my current dilemma. I have no idea of what to write about! My exams are going on and I could write pages about my preparations and how things are at the examination hall and our discussions about the paper, but in the end it would just be another monotonous post which will be too long and boring to read!

Then there could be so many prompt posts and poems/fiction works which I so want to write about but I’m hardly getting any traffic and so no would read it. So what’s the point if I write something and I hardly get any views?

Entertainment. I can pretty much tell it goodbye because of my uber slow net connection and my stubborn parents ever refusing to put up a proper connection. I mean I can’t even view my pictures properly! The connection is so slow (1kbps!) that the image quality has to be reduced in order to view a webpage! Also downloading is a huge problem! For downloading a 3MB song/file it takes half an hour!!!! Forget about videos or uploading files and because of this I can’t watch any anime video properly or even read a manga properly!

Then there is me.
I really hate myself for being such a lazy bum and a contradictory person!
I mean if I think there is something which I have to do I go for it and then some other thought comes up and that lets me down. So I keep battling between good and bad and in the end I mess up things real good!

Pretty much a useless and pointless post.
Peace. X

Posted by Tharangni


  1. haha..i always experience that that's why before i write a post a prepare a manual draft before hand..

    economics is still as torture as before..but thank goodness our prof has find a way to save students like me who scored bad in 2 quizzes--that is to DONATE blood!

  2. Well, you're not alone, I guess. Much of what you say could apply to me, too. There are many things I think about writing on my blog but don't because I just don't want to.
    Don't be too hard on yourself. I've been really impressed with your sensitivity and creativity. Those are rare qualities that could easily prove really valuable, but, unfortunately, society doesn't value them much because they don't have an immediate cash value. Hang in there, though, and you may end up doing things nobody though possible. :) Keep in mind, though, that creativity is characterized by coming up with lots of ideas, and then only following through on a few of them. It's your successes that matter, not your failures.

  3. Well... just write for the love of writing :)

    Traffic would follow once you pick up pace, but that's a different story altogether.

  4. good luck for your exams :)

    Yeah it happens with me most of the time too.I log in ..see the dashboard..open the new post then close it..i repeat it for 4 to 5 times lol

  5. @wisewit ~ thanks for the advice! helped a lot! :)

    @Ayu~ woah! seriously? i mean donate blood and you're safe in the exams?! is that even allowed??? O_O

    @Selenium~ Okay! :) Will do! ^_^

    @Sunakshi~ Thankyou! :) lol! :D


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