The seconds tick by –
One after the other.
Not bothering if they’re lost or found
Even as the gates close down –
They just go round and round.
The intricate designs of the clock
Do lest to slow down time.
Even after looking for such a long time
You continue to go in circles –
Playing a merry tune of tick-tock.
Father’s the fastest
Mother tries to keep up to that
The poor child is left behind
And yet they move in sync as a family.

The amazing photo you've seen was a pic taken by me. The quote was taken from a book which my bro gave and it is just amazing!
I mean it's just a book, with nothing but billions of quotes! *click*.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. sugoi love to have that book since i have a fascination in diff. quotations..

    anyway, your poem is really deep and nice with its representation esp. comparing the hands of clock and a family..

  2. Time... the most underrated resource in this realm. :)

  3. RE: thank you so much..i hope we can score high scores on our upcoming exams :D


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