The moan, the cry, the wail –
I saw everything that night.
The huge leaves rustled like fiends –
Moaning with pain and felt the curse.

And still they did break and fall –
Like the cinders of a fireplace.
The sudden winds hurt them
They cried in vain, huddling together.

The rain lashed over them.
And they wailed as the pain once again stung them.
Banshees’ dreams arose deafening all –
Still, the strong winds knocked them out.
Yet they stood together, undefeated.

So the skies mustered and lighting as they planned.
The winds grew even stronger
And a mother’s cooing still failed to impress her child.
Then everything began falling down –
Pride, dignity, courage, defiance – shattered.
Like an empire accepting defeat truce was raised.

In the end, after a prayer
They were blessed with silent sobs –
That drizzled like the snow, healing their wounds.

© image source: flickr

Posted by Tharangni


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