Ten Things About Me

I was tagged by AyuSelenium a few days back and this is my reply :P

Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
You have to choose and tag ten people.
Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
No tags back.
Have fun!! :)

Ten Things About Me

  1. I'm an Indian but I hate India for its messiness but love it for its freedom.
  2. I've a wanderlust to go to Paris & Japan.
  3. Even though most of my siblings (own & cousins) are very tall (above 5'9"), I'm still the shortest (5'4.5")!!!
  4. I love being left alone in silence and having my own space of mind rather than being nagged around.
  5. I really love gadgets, photography, anime, drams, Castle (TV Drama) & music (hate Indian but love Japanese, Korean, English).
  6. I have a personal interested in learning Japanese and I already know two (only) characters! あ (Aa) and Ri (り)!
  7. I love reading books. Especially fantasy & magic related. I hate the ones related to reality. I'm already having enough reality.
  8. I’ve a guitar which I still don’t know how to play it (it will soon be 1 year since I bought it).
  9. I wear contacts (transparent colour) due to my super high power (short-sightedness [-6]).
  10. Finally, I hate the place I'm currently staying, which is Mumbai, and I long to return to my previous place, which is Hyderabad (lovely city!).

Ten People I Wanna Tag
  1. Susan
  2. Pipie
  3. Kristal
  4. PuiLing
  5. Addie
  6. Inas
  7. Azeron
  8. Choco
  9. Samadrita
  10. Vandana
Important Notice

Okay I' sure that by now you all must have seen my new layout. I know I keep changing my lay really too often but I've decided to stick to this because formal, nice and had a kind colour ♥.
And so, all good packages come with some rules. And so does this blog.
First off it's best (awesome-est in fact) when viewed in Google Chrome. Firefox acts kind of cruel and Internet Explorer kills my blog! So please never view it in IE!
Second thing, there is a special font you should have in your system to view the fonts in this page properly. It's a korean font actually called SDKwangSoo M. Please download it!
Okay and this is pretty much it! :) Enjoy!
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  1. im also a short gal buddy :(

    haha..anyway i really like your new blogskin :)

  2. Well, lots to say...

    1) Don't kill me as my primary browser is Mozilla Nightly 7.01a 64bit

    2) There was no difference in how your blog appeared on Chrome and Nightly (or Firefox 4 for that matter)

    3) I installed the font (It's nice, I might use it in my work). There is still no difference in how your blog appears on Chrome and Nightly (or Firefox 4 for that matter) even now.

    4) Your blog appears same across my other 4 browsers that I have installed on my system. Internet Explorer (except IE9) doesn't count as a browser... :-|

    5) Hence, I can now safely assume by theory of induction that your blog is displaying correctly on my system. :)

  3. Aww thanks for tagging me! :) nice layout.

  4. @Ayu: yeah! :( and ty! :)
    @Inas: NP :)
    @Selenium: Oh! Well that puts things at ease! :) :) Thank You. And yes seriously IE is not a browser!!! O_O
    @Samadrita: Thankyou! :)

  5. Thanks for tagging me Tharangni.
    You're taller than me, I'm just 4'11" T^T


  7. I am only 5'0" T_T

    thanks for the tag ^_^ I'll do it later because I recently did one. :O
    And yesh the new layout ish super awesome o.o <3

  8. @morlaa - yep!! :) he is so dam really cute in that pic! :D

    n thanks! :D


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