The day time stopped

The day time stopped
We stood standing the fall.
Our fingers were intertwined
Yet we never felt them.
The ocean was right below us
And we couldn’t taste its saltiness.
Once there was the sound of seagulls
But now its hush all around.
I know you wore that cologne which attracted me
Now I just can’t smell it.
I know you are right next to me
Yet I see nothing but darkness.
The day time stopped
I was forever alone.

I don't know if you might like this because it doesn't even sound rhyming to me. I just wanted to write a "poem" (I hoped!) based on our 5 senses. Well I'm glad that I did that and now this also happens to be a sonnet (a poem with 14 verses exact) now! :D
Oh and by the way you see the pic in this post, I took it! :) It really does look like the petals are falling right (lol! reality check - they are not! :P) ? :D I took it with MY VERY OWN CAM (digi unfortunately)! So very proud of what I have done though. :)
You should see my flickr sometime. I'm posting my daily pics in it. Some might find them interesting while other might not. Also read the captions I hae for each of them! It's like writing a story and it's just awesome! :')
© Image by me. From my flickr.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. i find it hard to make a sonnet..! you're really amazing..i like it..and also the picture..i hope to see more of your photographs XD

    RE: goodluck on the both of us ^^

  2. I could visualize the whole scenario!
    Short poem, yet it speaks a lot!
    Loved it :)

  3. You did pick an interesting theme, and I must confess it's a good job done. I was thinking what I would have written, and it turns out it would have just been another chapter from your biology book... :-/

    So, good poem. Yes, poems need not always rhyme.

  4. Hey
    I really like yours site. keep it as is.


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