The story of a web.

The spider web hung loose amongst the corners of the wall. It hung there like a thin silver thread woven into intricate designs and unharmed by human touch. It looked like the hemline of a white gown, so pretty and docile…

Slowly water began to drip from the wall and began to fill in the webs' cords. In no time the water had completed its course and hung on to the web. From far the web now looked like a priceless diamond necklace. The wind blew and the web jittered. The water drops feel. Oh and their fall could be heard! It sounded like little pearls jumping off the steps, so sharp and tuned…

The web now hung there just as it’d been there before, without any water, just plain and bland. The wind blew again. But this time there was no water. The web began to waver slowly and gracefully. It knew it’s time had come. The little moments of beauty and fulfilment had again been replaced by its previous features of blandness.
It had understood its lesson. Beauty and pricelessness are temporary. Only originality is permanent. And as the wind continued to blow, the web slowly withered away meeting its end peacefully.

This post is a response to a prompt at 3WW.
Posted by Tharangni


  1. Very profound comments you made. I truly enjoyed your post.


  2. very wise like folklore..Jae

  3. There is a truth and serenity to this piece that I find particularly soothing. Nice write.

  4. Sheilagh Lee said You are truly wise beyond your years "only originality is permanent."
    Very true indeed.

  5. Beautiful work. Love the zen feeling of impermanence. Spider webs are so beautiful. Well done.

  6. What alluring prose. It's wonderful! Thanks for sharing a part of your world.

  7. What wonderful prose! Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture with your words.

  8. absolutely beautiful... your words paint a wondrous picture... and the message was well played.

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  10. Life and Death in the most metamorphic way possible... :O

  11. absolutely beautiful. you write amazingly.

    i couldn't find another way to comment, so would it be alright if i dropped a tag here ? ^^" i've changed my name / url. would it be alright if you relinked me as "len" going to ""

    > < " thank you so much in advance. ♥

  12. RE@tharangni: haha..i dont mean i eat with hands..but i eat using a fork :D


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