Yesterday was one my most longest and tiring days in my shopping history! Well as you all know I'm in Mumbai now (unfortunately) I decided that I should go shopping here since Mumbai is the hub of fashion in India. So after doing researches (flipping through the newspapers) I learnt that Fashion Street and Colaba Causeway (they both are in the Churchgate area) are one of the best spots for shopping. So I headed there yesterday!
Chruchgate Area
Fashion Street didn't have any wow factors at all! I mean it just looked like a narrow passageway (that's the reason why it's called a 'street') with shops. But the problem was that most of the accessories were repeated in a hell lot of shops! So didn't succeed in buying much there.

However on the way to my next stop, Colaba Causeway, I came across a platform where there was a huge book rummage and I was so totally happy! :') In the end I bought three books.
The Last Battle of the Icemark (I'd read the first part of this book. Couldn't find the second part though), Septimus Heap - Magyk (first timer) and a Manga (basically a huge collection of binded ones)!!
I was actually looking for a 'Easy to Learn Japanese Book' but since I couldn't find it I settled with the manga! :D

Last Battle of the Icemark, Magyk and Manga!

And after that I went to Colaba Causeway (finally!) where I bought loads!
Antique Pocket Watch with Paris, embedded

New in fashion, Owl Chain

White Shirt (fold able sleeves) Blue & White Striped Shirt (fold able sleeves)

Brown and White Striped Vintage Shirt with floral designs Satin Brown thinly Pleated Skirt plus a white shirt with brown border and embroidered roses

So basically Colaba Causeway is a huge lane full of stretched roads with platforms studded with shops. Amongst one of the many shops there was a shop where they were selling old music records and gramophones and old-age cameras!

Gramophone Vintage Cameras

And thus that was my yesterday! :')
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  1. OO sounds exciting! ha nice adventure!

    ps Chris Pine was only a small guest roll on CSI miami lol I dont even know, I just knew that much.


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