Night Time

Darkness swept the land
Creatures of dark had risen
And the night was born

The following post is a reply to a prompt @Haiku Heights.
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Admiration of Waves

As vibrations swept
Souls were hypnotized to the tune
When melody flowed

Response to a prompt at Haiku Heights.
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I'm finally back guys! :) :) :) Will reply to the tags @Message Box soon! :D
My poetry potluck chances have to wait for a while though... I'm really sorry about that!

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21st Century

It was almost over. There were only a few pieces left to complete it. It was mostly made up of glass and silica. Hot glass was melted and moulded into beautiful curves of crystal. As a matter of fact it looked like a huge crystal made up of tiny glass crystals.

However the peculiar part was that it camouflaged perfectly to the surroundings. Since it was glass, it reflected back everything perfectly. It was the masterpiece of a magic trick. Also it was a huge labyrinth in the inside.

The man who designed it, Mr.Deu, had planned its structure long back. Long before than when Einstein was born. So one may think how come he’d know about glass and silica when they weren’t even invented. The answer is simple.

He Time Travelled.

He was an adamant man. He’d built his own machine. he used signs and the positions of the moon to manoeuvre the dates and times. It was said that he had travelled even farther than the 30th century and had seen the advancements of that era.

Sadly he couldn’t fabricate everything to that of the 30th century. He knew he had to wait. Time had its own course which should not be disturbed. Therefore he preserved those ideas in a huge book. It was even bigger than the dictionary. All the places and ideas he had seen and thought of, he preserved them in that book.

And now his successors got the book in their grasps. So they began to interpret his ideas. And thus they began the construction the Glass Crystal. They were building it as an hideout for their task of world domination.
The following post is a reply to a prompt at 3WW.
Sorry if you guys thought that this post was kinda too sassy! :D
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Kind of a small update but big news. Well you see the thing is that my dad has got transferred to Mumbai and now I have to shift there. So that means new school, new friends and new everything! :O !! Even some of the pics are going to be new! :D Well I got accepted into the new school (I passed the entrance!) and school has started. But packing hasn't. So that means I'll be plugged off from my world of Internet, Anime, Music, Dramas and especially Blogging for a very very very long time. It's like going to be a month or so. So I won't be able to blog till then. And therefore this is to say that I'm kind of going to be on a slight indefinite hiatus for a while. But I'll try my best to post once in a while against my busy schedule.
So, till then don't keep my blog dead 'cause I'll soon be back with a BANG! :D

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'Am losing myself
Hanging loosely like a doll
Attached to your strings

Response to a prompt at Haiku Heights. And I'm really sorry if I'm trying to make the fact about puppets too obvious in this post! :D
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