Hoping in the Dark

Under the dim light from my lantern
I write the feelings of my heart in this cavern.
The dim light glows bright in the darkness
Freedom remains a cherished dream in my reverence.
No matter where I look the sky remains the same
Lest bother about the shooting star I could never tame.
The dim flame of cobalt blue
Assures me of hope that could be true.
Even after tears have flown and left me dry
I know it’s pointless to think of cry
And I wait dreaming the same dream
‘Cause the thought of separation makes me scream.
This haven has served me a lot
It made me cherish moments that I can never forget.
But the nightmares still continue
Even when the sun is up high
Freedom still remains behind the bars.
What little can hope do
When my heart is tied in knots
As the lantern began to dim it’s glow
And engulf me in its darkness.

Hey guys! My exams are finally over for GOOD! :D So that means full on blogging and computer n anime for me! :D :D :D But… I feel really bad because my dad has got transferred and now I’ve to leave this city! :( :( And I’m so going to miss it here! So right now I’m like going all out and having loads of fun with friends! :) :)
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Posted by Tharangni


  1. ive missed this blog so much..im glad youre free now hehehe..

    here's the link:http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-movie/kimi-ni-todoke-watch/

  2. so thrilled to find your blog.
    superb talent.

    invite you to join jingle poetry potluck week 28 today,

    share 1 to 3 poems, old ones are welcome.
    hope to see you in.

  3. @Jingle Poetry: Sureee!!!!! it will be a pleasureeee!!!! :) :) :)


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