The Sweetest Christmas Gift

So my dear friend Susan requested me to give her three words so that she could make a story after she'd given me 3words to write a story for her. It had happened over 2-3 days ago but since I was busy I couldn't post it earlier in my blog. :'(
[Read her requested words post here.]
I asked her to make a story with the words: Catastrophe, Fun & Camera in the beginning. Then she told that the story would be really sad and tragic because of the word "Catastrophe" so she asked if I wanted to change it. And I agreed to because I wasn't ready for tragedies that day. And so I replaced catastrophe with Fortunate. And so she wrote a story using the 3 words: Fortunate, Fun & Camera.

The Sweetest Christmas Gift

It's kinda unexpected if you think back again about what happened last christmas.
it's a very disapointing year, so i thought the christmas would be very much disapointing too.
no gifts from my parents, no happy dinner, no christmas tree..
because my family's financial is not that good; my dad just resigned himself, so i didn't expect much in that one-day christmas. but who know what will happen, right?

i mean nothing is impossible.

then, the miracle happens.
just when i thought the worst are going to come, santa claus give me the best christmas gift ever!

My parents both saved their money and bought a DSLR camera for me!

i burst into tears, i hugged my mom immediately once i saw the lovely gift that i had ever wished for.

and then, that seconds, i realize although my family don't have that much money, i still am the most fortunate children in the world.
i hug that camera, and i started clicking the snap button repeatedly.
since then, my life has never been more fun.
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