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Hello! I’ve got a load of great plus sad new for you guys! :)

First off, I’ve got the first prize in Julie’s Banner making contest! :D I went "Yay! OMG! I never thought I’d win" when I read my e-mail! :D Well I’m going to post that pic so that even you guys can see it. :)

Full size Image

Next up I’m loving books more than ever! And I recently noticed that if I started a book I cannot do anything else unless and until I finish it! I mean it happened when I was reading “The Keeper’s Tattoo” and “Raised by Wolves”! I just couldn’t keep the book away from me! I don’t whether it was the story or my mind which did that! Anyway I’ll soon be posting the reviews of the books which I’d read earlier. I’m sorry I just can’t do anything now because I’ve got my exams : The Boards! D:
  1. The Keeper’s Tattoo by Gill Arbuthnott
  2. Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  3. Possessed by Kate Cann
  4. Love is Hell by Various Authors.
I’ve got a new book about ghost. It’s kind of like an encyclopaedia about ghosts except it’s a small book! :'( not big and heavy! But I find it really useful so I might tell you guys about that too! :D

I’m kpoping a lot now! I always try to catch Live Power Music on Animax every Sunday morning so that I can see the bests of K-Pop! I mean i everyday go to this kpop based web site called which reviews the latest of kpop and kdrama. Right now my MP3 is shuffling only with kpop, Ke$ha and other various English artists! I'll put a list of my favs soon. :) I swear after these exams get over I’m going to hook myself to kdrama and Japanese movies. I’m listing down all that I got to watch, which includes my all-time fav animes too! :)

Then… I’m starting to write a lot in my diary and I really hope I write some more good poems! I feel like I’m losing the touch and I really don’t want that to happen! :O ! I’m going more on my style now-a-days. Cut my hair to give it a fringe look and my friends love it! :) It really looks awesome and I’m so glad to get rid of my previous look: straight long hair!

Got the shock of my life today: Minho doesn’t look good at all in the Lucifer video! He looked awesomely cute in Ring Ding Dong. I wish he had the same hairstyle! :'( Forgive me please because I recognized and memorized the SHINee band members today only! :(
Minho: Ring Ding Dong
Minho: Lucifer
SHINee members (fanart) in the MV Ring Ding Dong. Image Source 
And yes, you can listen to some of my favs in the top playlist. Contains the best of kpop (includes SHINee too!)! Will add some more soon when i get the time.
Continue to follow my blog! I've reached 140+ and I'm so happy for that! Thank You Very Much! :)
That's it for now!
Anyway I got to go now and I’m going to be on a very long hiatus!
See you guys after Feb 9th! :) And please keep my blog live n rockin’! :D

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  1. i actually remember the books you and samadrita recommeded..sadly, i ended up stuck in twilight and fallen that i never got teh chance to read 'em..reason..? anime and manga addiction haha..

    maybe ill come back to reading books again when the summer vacation starts..hope so

    and congratz on winning that banner contest! you deserve it!i personally would chose your banner,so cute..:3

    @ ♠ Tharangni ♠ : really..? sunakshi encountered the same problem with the fileden but she successfully dowbloaded it using the megaupload..

    try it again..if it doesn't work..ill just send the zipped file @ your email..:)


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