Letter of Appreciation

Dear You,
Thank you so much for what you’ve told about me to my friend. It doesn’t even matter if you didn’t tell it to me directly. At least you had the courage to tell to someone else. And I think that is better than not telling at all.
I never thought I would ever meet such a nice person in my whole life. Now that I’ve seen the real you and have truly known you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I believe that you are a nice person too. Only others are not able to see that.
Don’t you ever feel guilty of what happened in the past. After all life goes on. You don’t have a stop button in life to stop that moment and feel guilty about it. You only have a stuck play button which never stops.
Move with the flow so that you will feel the flow moving with you.
Believe me, you’re really a nice person. And I like that fact [not fiction] very much!
Once again thank you so much for what you’d told earlier and never forget who you really are.

Yours truly,

Posted by Tharangni


"Every Scrap in an entry,
Will become a part of my memory! :)"

-My Scrapbook