Banner Making Contest!

I am Joining a Banner Making Contest!

It's been a long time since I joined something like this. The last was in April 2010 in Anime Omnibus and after that I just dropped it. Now that it's back in Blogger, I'm so going to win it! ;)

1. No copying others
2. If have used any sites as a resource, please state them when sending me the banner (such as pictures)
3. Don't go to other sites and ask if they can do it (i'll be stalking you :3)
4. You must tagged me saying you posted about this contest. I'll be visiting :D
5. I should see my banner somewhere on your site, If i can't see it, I'll be giving you a warning ^^

Myself (Julie)

Judging At
1. Neatness
2. Originality
3. Creativity
4. Best Design
5. Cuteness

oh and also the theme is, "Summer Love" :D So you should make a banner which you think shows the meaning of, "Summer Love"

Notes to remember
- Participants have a week to finish (starting from today)
- The 23rd is when the contest will close and i'll starting judging
- From today till the 23rd, you must of e-mailed me the banner (
- There must be at least 12 Participants and a max of 30

- 1st Place: 2 button, 2 siggy, 6 months advertisement, 1st place winner banner
- 2nd place: 1 buttons, 1 siggy, 3 months advertisement, 2nd place winner banner
- 3rd place: 1 button, 1 month advertisement, 3rd place winner banner
The rest of the participants will get a Participating banner for their effort :D

Posted by Tharangni


  1. this is cool but im not so good at making banners..:<

    btw..check my latest post @ my blog! :D it's about my first oneshot manga! ^^

  2. RE: thanks for the support..tell me what you think about it when you finished reading it ok..?

    thank you so much :3


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