As you say so.

“That girl – the nerve she would have had to do it! I cannot believe that SHE out of all the people I know and trust would do such a thing like that!”

Everyone could hear Marcus stomping and cursing her when he walked in the corridor.

“Ellena what you did was the last straw! I never thought that you would ever do that to me. You just betray me and continue your life not even bothering to come to me and tell what you were doing! I cannot believe you!”

His pace was increasing and he could see their colourful garden approach.

Ellena was standing next to the fountain. She was looking at the water as it gurgled out of the gargoyle’s mouth. Marcus blushed seeing her.

“Unbelievable”, he uttered and stood next to her.

“Do you have any idea of how you make my life so complicated? I’m sure you still remember the deal we had.”

“Of Course I do! You didn’t think that I’d let you alone to water our garden now would you?” she said with a smile.

“What! Then what was it that I heard every one at the dorm discuss about you watering this place with someone else?” Marcus asked her, confused.

She gave out a small chuckle which sounded like the ringing of silver bells. “I said that so that you can come here immediately and snap out of your tensed workshops for a while.”

“What that’s all?”

“Yes, now shall we water? It’s getting late.”

“As you say so.”
My dear friend Susan asked me to write something using the three underlined words (complicated, girl, colour) in this post. At first when I saw those words I remembered Avril Lavigne's Complicated. It's really a nice song and the lyrics to some what mean the same as the story. Except it will be boy who'd make the things complicated for Avril in the song whereas it's vice-versa here! :D

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    btw..complicated is one of my favorite songs~ :D

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