Adventure Land.

I was seeing it, though everything was looking strange. I mean the cat looked like it was walking on the walls and the strangest part of all was that none of its hair was standing nor was it clutching the wall with its paws. It was simply walking and looked purely harmless!

Suddenly my hat fell off and I began to wonder how that could happen. Slowly my hair too dropped down and I could feel it touch the moist ground. I looked down and I saw the river. I could see the fishes too. And the cat on top of it all was waiting to pounce on one.

I let out a small laugh when I thought of how scared the cat would be if it fell in the water.

Then I yelped when I realized that I was upside down in the roller coaster ride and it was not moving! I could sense the fear rising in me and then a wave of reassurance swept by as soon as the coaster’s engine started.

The above post is a response to a prompt at 3WW. The words are: harmless, moist and yelp.

Posted by Tharangni


  1. not a big fan of roller coasters, so this was very appropriate reading for me. I liked it very much.

  2. What an interesting creation..and imagination..liked it..I mean one is taken by!

  3. So funny I wrote about a cat too must be the words.Love this story.

  4. lovely .I wrote about act too must be the word prompts.LOL

  5. @truthmark ~ Thanks :)
    @Deborah ~ haha! :D yea that was the purpose lol! :D
    @Ramesh ~ ^_^ Thanku :)
    @Sheilagh ~ ^_^ lol! :D yea it could be! :D


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