December 9

A sky so blue, coloured like the morning dew,
And violets hung their heads - heavy in cue.
Two birds fought in the crossfire,
And blood, dripping like tendrils, united each other.


A glow in the dark
Through canopy of Maple
Radiance applauds.

Response to a prompt in Haiku Heights.

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Victims of Light

Yeah, I took it. :) **C**

Paper cranes swayed with the wind,
Flickering lights are the dancers of this stage;
Booms, bangs and blasts fill up the dome,
A solstice night that harbors illumination.

Behind the curtain lies a petty soul, lost to the Devil –
Weeps slowly watching the shattered glass,
Which reflected his shattered dreams,
All given away for this luminescent night.

I wanted to theme this poem around the irony of a "Happy Diwali".

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The Last Song

Summer shone through the leaves,
A white streak passed the sky;
Little birds chirped in the branches,
I stood in the meadow listening to this chorus.

The wind rustled the grass,
Words that were meant for someone crossed my lips;
Tuning itself to the sounds around,
I glanced at the coming winter and sang my last song.
I am so sorry because I wasn't able to blog for like, DAYS! It was mainly because I was out of station (vacations) and also my exams were going on! So I'd a tight schedule for many days and now I'm relieved!

I fell like writing blank verses now 'cause I think they spread the message/meaning of the poem much better than a rhyming one. Personal
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A Tale of Blues and Waves

Lapping endlessly with a million crease,
Sounding alike to the shrill of dolphin;
All minds digress,
As a melody tuned to Chopin;
Rose above the waves in melancholy,
Caressing the world in the arms of united symphony.

Foam that ebbs like trinkets –
Dies away from our fingers,
Passing through like threads of gossamer,
Yet, only to follow once again.

Cacophony call arises in the sky,
Winged beats that dot the blue;
Overjoy preludes with a strident cry,
Talons brush the water in a distorting hue.

A world hidden deep down,
An abyss that lays forever unknown;
Mismatched with the perfect corals,
Embedded with mosaic sea shells.

Schools of fins that pass you by,
Sometimes a peck and sometimes a bite;
Treasure that whisper “Forget me, Ay!
Eternal beauty that will be unrevived.

Light glimmers through like art,
Shining its way to this dark paradise;
An unknown world, silent and apart
A High Queen who thrones with no demise.

Alas! It is she, who hides away from all eyes,
Skimming away with the tides;
Watching each other closely,
And ensuring life underwater is in harmony.

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The Contract

The contract was signed. Now all I had to wait for was the job to done.
After all, I’ve waited for five years for this moment to come.

5 years ago.
I was looking out of my window at the falling cherry blossoms. They were looking like pink snow and were really pretty. I remember smiling at them and that was when Sean brushed the fringe away from my face and blew a soft breeze.

“Off to dreamland I presume… What were you dreaming about? I bet it was about me, right?”
He chuckled as he said the last sentence. I wanted to tell him it was true, but I did not.

“No! Of course not! Why would I anyway?!” I rolled my eyes and continued, “I was just admiring the cherry blossoms. They look so pretty right? And also this is going to be the last day of school, like forever! We don’t have to come to this place ever again! It’s going to be such a relief!”

He leaned against my desk and looked out and said, “Truly said my angel, the cherry blossoms do look pretty and yes, this is also the last day of school… and also my…”
“Angel?! Honestly, what is wrong with you? Cut me some slack please, you ok?”

“Oh! Yes I’m perfectly fine. And don’t you hear the bell ringing? I think it’s time for the school to be haunted. Come on now, let’s go.”
“By haunted you mean free right? You and your metaphors!”

That was the last cherished movement of my life. Thinking what happened after that just makes me sadly nauseous.

As soon as school had gotten over Sean dragged me to a coffee shop telling that he was going to treat me since “school’s finally over and all”.
I ordered a Cappuccino. Sean ordered Mocha.

We were sipping our coffee silently and it was Sean who broke the silence.

“Remember in class that I told this is the last day of school?”
“Yes. Why are you bringing that now?”
“Just listen. Do you also remember the next sentence which I told you?”
I tried to remember his words in the backdrop of cherry blossoms…
“…the last day of school and also my…”
“Yes! But you never completed it…”

He smiled. It wasn’t his usual ear-to-ear end smile. It was a subtle one, the one which he used when he wanted to convey sad news. The last time I remember seeing him smile like that was when his favourite pet Rocco died. That was two years ago.

“Let me complete it for you. Today, apart from being the last day of school, is also the last day I’m going to live. I’m not a normal mortal. I’m living a curse. Only once in millennia will I be able to live till my adulthood with you, which happens to be now. Other times I don’t get to meet you. I die very young, being a child, being your child.”

I listened to what he spoke in utter astonishment wondering if he was playing a joke with me. But the look in his eyes told me he wasn’t because his eyes, they were looking so desperate. Whatever he’s spoken just now went inside my head like a vacuum cleaner sucking the dirt. Except what he told right now wasn’t dirt, it was the truth.
I took in a few gulps still not believing what he’d said and sipped my Cappuccino.

“So this is the last time I going to see you as an adult? And after that you will… be my child, and then you will die again?” My eyes were beginning to swell and tears started coming.

He immediately came closer and huddled me and assured me, “Hey! Don’t cry! You will see me again as a child…! Please don’t cry! It just makes my departure more painful. Please don’t!”

“Is it just me? Does this happen to you only with me?”, I said in between sobs.
He cupped my cheek, “Yes, yes. It’s only and always you. That’s why it makes me feel so painful and at the same time it makes you even more precious, my angel.”

He leaned closer and whispered in my ear, “My time has come. I have to leave now. Goodbye. And don’t cry. ”

I was beginning to throw a hysteria. I could see him slowly disappearing into the thin air. Just like the way no one could. An aura of sparkles surrounded him. I was wondering what it was.

“Don’t think too much Anna, you always do. I’m being carried away by fairies.” I heard him chuckle again. And I knew that it was going to be the last time I’m ever going to hear that sound.
“How will I know you are going to come to me again?” I shouted at the top of my voice since he had already drifted away to the skies.

“In five years. Just sign a contract. Goodbye now Anna. I love you and I know that you love me too, even though you never say it.”

“Bye! And be sure to come and see me within five years!”

And that was the last time I ever saw Sean. Until now.

I had another chance now. I had a guarantee that I would see him again. After all I did sign the contract.

I saw him standing there. He had long dark hair and the warmest grey eyes. I knew who it was without any thought.
It was Sean.
“Finally.” I whispered.

Response to a prompt at 3WW.

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Stairway to Heaven

The stairs ascended to a bright light,
Spiralling to an endless infinite;
Railings that looked fresh and new –
Smiling to an open invitation from the top cue;
White winter roamed the lands and skies,
Not a single soul jutted his voice.

Heaven was above and below,
Separated by nothing but and old stairway of willow;
Her sweet melodious voice serenaded,
And light from the candles applauded;
Each note rising higher and higher,
Each note calling me closer and closer;
A harp that played the tunes of death,
A stormy night had caught my breath.

Tears washed away by the rain,
Anguish – I wish I never fain;
Star-crossed I maybe tonight –
A curtain fall for the last time. Aphrodite
Calls me longingly to her cavern,
And I finally ascend the stairway to my heaven.

© Image : P5000

Day 09 – Someone you wish you could meet.

Dear Pratyusha, Ujjwala and Pooh,

I missed you guys so much!
Okay I can already imagine your face going like “What the hell did she mean in the first line?!”. Relax it means “hisashiburi – meaning ‘long time no see!’ (of course in Japanese)”. So you can stop scratching your heads now! :D

How you been guys? I miss you so much! How are college and school? And Ujju how are things going in your hostel? Have you made any new friends yet? How is the place? How is your new college and have you caught up with the portions there?
God! I feel like asking you all a gazillion questions but this is not going to be a question paper. :P

Life is going in an ease and I’ve formed new friends here too. They’re nice people. There’s Surbhi, Vijaypriya, Anuja, Shreya and there are others too. Not even a single day in our school goes by without saying, “You know in my previous school…” or “In 10th we used to have so much fun…” We all miss our old school days. As a matter of fact even though we might be in schools now, we still prefer school as the days that were till 10th. The faculty is good here. However our physics sir sucks. We’ve had almost like 4 physics teachers alone till now!

People here always talk in Hindi! :(
It really sucks when I can’t speak out because I’m still scared of my Hindi. So I converse in English even when people talk in Hindi. Even our teachers talk/teach in Hindi only sometimes!
I’ve had so many backward moments already, almost like one every day! Today there were two birthday boys and they were receiving birthday blasts from their friends and as soon as I saw that my mind immediately went back to the past when it was my birthday and I thought about how Deeksha and Komal tried to give to blasts that day. I also remembered the part when I cleverly dodged them. :P

Okay, now let me bring you back to the reality which I’d purposely omitted in the first few paragraphs.
Mumbai is not a great city when compared with Hyderabad. It is over populated, congested, huge, filthy, covered with skyscrapers, traffic and no trees - a total contrast to Hyderabad. Moreover the beach is unique. Because, usually the oceans are meant to be blue, but here they are brown. Like real literal brown. You can pretty much forget about looking through “transparent” sea waters here!

School is filled with groupies! There is no such thing as a family, like we used to have before in our old class. And honestly, sometime you’d feel like you’re at a fashion parade!

There is so much more I’d LOVE to tell you guys! But I unfortunately can’t. :P (Lol! Will text you!)

Till then take care, babysit (to Pratyusha :P) and have fun with your lives!

Yours forever and ever,
Tharangni :)
This post is a response to a prompt at 3WW & a part of my 30 Day Letter Challenge. :)

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Day 08 – Your Favourite Internet Friend

Dear You,

Hello virtual friend. Our space may be limited to the rectangular screens which illuminate and screen the words we type, but yet somehow through that we’ve become friends.
You know it’s great to have you as a virtual friend.
I feel I’m different when I’m virtual than real, like I have two different facets – real and virtual. . I feel I’m different when I’m virtual than real, like I have two different facets – real and virtual.
For one thing, you don’t get to see my expressions or the faces I sometimes make when we interact. It may be good or weird or totally blank and sometimes not even caring about your opinion. But you never know what lies behind that screen and so you continue, without a clue.
But again, that’s also the best part. It means that when there is no one willing to listen to me, there is actually someone who doesn’t care about that and wishes to converse with me for who I am to them. And I think that’s actually something nice.
We also share a lot. The greatest thing about virtual “reality” is that I finally get to meet people who think like me, like the things I like and share a lot in common!
To be precise, people whom I don’t often think are same as me in the “real world”.
And when I finally meet that one person who is so similar to me, (as in likes & dislikes, hobbies, etc) I feel so grateful.
So, thank you very much for being such a great friend!

Your “virtual” pal,

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Day 07 - Your Ex-boyfriend/Girlfriend/Love/Crush

Dear eL,

How are you? Hope you are fine.
I’m sorry about what happened between us in the past. Things weren’t meant to happen that way, but it happened and we’d decided to move on ever since then.
Please don’t think that I don’t care about you just because we are over. I’d like to see and talk with you and be friends with you.
Back then you’d make me go to speechless. Your loose hair of and dark sapphire eyes makes me feel lost and searching for words. I’d never say that that charm of yours would disappear. Why, as a matter of fact I still do feel the same even as I write this to you.
It’s strange but I feel that I can express my feeling for you only through words and letters.
But you are no longer the one I seek.
Even though you still have that charm over me, I think now, that whether it was just love that attracted me towards you or your mysterious charm?
My life is going smooth now. I’m thinking it’s time that I need to make myself happy rather than making others. I think it’s time that I decided to live for myself, just for once.
Hope to hear soon from you.


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Day 06 - A Stranger

Dear Stranger,

Your name says it all. Stranger.
You are unknown to me. You are nothing but just a blur in my life and more like a falling star. I just see and observe you.
Stranger, you are, but still you are a person, a person who can teach others and from whom others can learn.
The strangest thing is that even though I might have no idea of what type of person you are, you observe me too.
You observe and decide to teach me the values and morals, which even my peers couldn’t have probably taught me. This means you worry about your surroundings and its people.

Truth be told, that is human intuition, worry and care and the world becomes a better place.
This might be a funny thing but to me all are strangers at first.
So no matter how you look at it the first thing you do is actually get to know a stranger and later you befriend them.
Strange right?

But still who knows what you are thinking, when for that fraction of a second, our eyes lock and who knows if you’re even looking at me.

I mean, after all you are still a stranger to me in the end of the day.

I know. I haven't done this "30 Day Challenge" in a proper sequence. As a matter of fact I think I'm continuing this almost after a whole year!
But I promise you now that I'm somehow going to complete this challenge within 30 days! (let's hope, please!)

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Autumn Confession

You sit there perfectly like a goddess –
With a while halo surrounding you
Amidst the gold of the autumn

Your dark eyes hold the key –
To the mysteries of my abyss
And my heart turns into knots even as I think about you.

Your gentle movements sway my heart
Even your slow smile melts my soul.
I find the courage to confess my love –
Just the way Spring kissed Winter.

Right now, Autumn is our world.
The golden leaves are the carpet
And you are my princess.

I pray my valiance may conquer this love I’m offering to you.
I love you, my Princess.
~For a Friend.

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Have you ever wondered what you’ll write about today? You have your document open and your eyes are just glued to the blinking cursor wonder what to actually write and if it would be worth a read.
Even though there might be so much to write about such as Anna Hazare’s “half victory” (like I couldn’t care less) or maybe the gashing (and turning out to be quite irritating) rain over the past few weeks which has no mind of letting down or so many much more!
But you’re still staring at a blank document.

That is my current dilemma. I have no idea of what to write about! My exams are going on and I could write pages about my preparations and how things are at the examination hall and our discussions about the paper, but in the end it would just be another monotonous post which will be too long and boring to read!

Then there could be so many prompt posts and poems/fiction works which I so want to write about but I’m hardly getting any traffic and so no would read it. So what’s the point if I write something and I hardly get any views?

Entertainment. I can pretty much tell it goodbye because of my uber slow net connection and my stubborn parents ever refusing to put up a proper connection. I mean I can’t even view my pictures properly! The connection is so slow (1kbps!) that the image quality has to be reduced in order to view a webpage! Also downloading is a huge problem! For downloading a 3MB song/file it takes half an hour!!!! Forget about videos or uploading files and because of this I can’t watch any anime video properly or even read a manga properly!

Then there is me.
I really hate myself for being such a lazy bum and a contradictory person!
I mean if I think there is something which I have to do I go for it and then some other thought comes up and that lets me down. So I keep battling between good and bad and in the end I mess up things real good!

Pretty much a useless and pointless post.
Peace. X

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The seconds tick by –
One after the other.
Not bothering if they’re lost or found
Even as the gates close down –
They just go round and round.
The intricate designs of the clock
Do lest to slow down time.
Even after looking for such a long time
You continue to go in circles –
Playing a merry tune of tick-tock.
Father’s the fastest
Mother tries to keep up to that
The poor child is left behind
And yet they move in sync as a family.

The amazing photo you've seen was a pic taken by me. The quote was taken from a book which my bro gave and it is just amazing!
I mean it's just a book, with nothing but billions of quotes! *click*.

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Tears turn to smile and overjoy.
Friends forever they say so –
A rite ends in coy.

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The Fear


What is it that you’ve always feared? Is it the boogie man under your bed or a cockroach crawling near you? What are your reactions when you see or hear the above? Is it a dumbfounded wonderment or the shriek of your life?

The thing is that it varies from person to person.

The one who is neither scared of cockroaches or the boogie man could be scared of something trivial such as the human manikins seen in Disneyland or in the park near your house.

And just like everyone else I am a human and I have a fear too. I fear this fear so much that every time I think of it I try to shove it away but it is still there.
Unlike others I’m not scared of the dark or catching a cockroach and chasing after my brother with it (who is very scared of them) or going to a haunted house or heights.
I look at them and think of them as new adventures and mysteries which I can solve and then tackle them. That way it doesn’t even make me scared but makes me go wide-eyed and excited with a broad smile on my face because I’m in for an adventure.
But yet again, I am human. And I still have something that I fear a lot about.
I fear that I’ll forget things that I should not. I fear that all these memories which I have, and are so precious to me, would one day just – poof disappear into the dark abyss.
And that’s why I try to write down all the things which I feel are important immediately in my diary so that I won’t forget them.

I don’t know if any have observed this or not but after you have a dream and when you wake up and try to recollect it, do all the figments of the dream come? Or is it just bits and pieces? Do you remember the face of that stranger who leaves a profound mark when you’re awake?

I’ve had only vague recollection. Sometimes I recognize the place, but the person I don’t. All that I’m able to see is a smile and then the rest, his face and body, a complete blur.
I wonder why this happens…
And this is also the worst part of my fear. Most of the dreams I’ve had till now, I just forget them when I’m awake. There are only vague parts which I can remember and I recollect and rewind these and try to have them as a permanent imprint in my mind.

Even now, when I’m away from my (previous) school friends I fear that within a year or two, I might forget their faces, their accents, their handwriting and so many other qualities about them. So I once again try to rewind and replay all the memories, snapshots and moments I’ve had with them such that I won’t forget how it feels to be with them.
I think I might I have realized this late but I’m glad that I at least realized it now.
Pictures & Photographs play such an important role when it comes to remembrance.
Maybe it’s the tree in that photo or how the sky looked that day or might be that queer looking man in the background who could possibly *hit* the play button of a certain memory which you had forgotten and lets you to wash over all those feelings once again.
Even as I write this now, I regret because I’d never taken any photos of moments which I’d wanted to stay forever. I only have the one’s which my friends took. But I should be content and not repeat the same again.

Who knows, maybe science could have the answers for my queries and the unexplained or maybe even it is wondering why?
I don’t think this is a problem which needs a solution.
I think this is another unopened mystery box in my life that can be an adventure.

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She stood there watching her go.
They’d been together ever since she could remember.
“Beth, take this.” “Beth, look here.” “Beth read this!”
For always she’s shared every single moment with her.
And here she was, leaving her now – letting go of her.
The pain of separation.
She watched her twin taken away from foster.
© image source

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Left the city I loved

Time had descended
The lights glowered daintily
Left the place I loved.

Response to a prompt at Haiku Heights.
© image source.

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The moan, the cry, the wail –
I saw everything that night.
The huge leaves rustled like fiends –
Moaning with pain and felt the curse.

And still they did break and fall –
Like the cinders of a fireplace.
The sudden winds hurt them
They cried in vain, huddling together.

The rain lashed over them.
And they wailed as the pain once again stung them.
Banshees’ dreams arose deafening all –
Still, the strong winds knocked them out.
Yet they stood together, undefeated.

So the skies mustered and lighting as they planned.
The winds grew even stronger
And a mother’s cooing still failed to impress her child.
Then everything began falling down –
Pride, dignity, courage, defiance – shattered.
Like an empire accepting defeat truce was raised.

In the end, after a prayer
They were blessed with silent sobs –
That drizzled like the snow, healing their wounds.

© image source: flickr

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Hell set free

The fire wasn’t to cease
The heat grew evenly layer by layer
Just the way the other side shimmered
Above the flames sparks ignited
And horses came in view.
Slowly after they neighed
Falling petals replaced them and snow –
As red as and fiery as a dragon’s breath descended.
The sky turned crimson and dark –
Summoning the legend of our nightmares.
Smiles were swapped with angst
Our inner demons were wakened
Grasses lost their green turning away to ashes
When nasty Hell made his way.

Response to a prompt at 3WW #248.
© image source

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Sweet x16!


Woah! 16 huh??? Feels like I’m 15 only! :D nothing much *great* happened today. It was the usual day but with an extra few phone calls and many texts, but was in a total rush to go to school!!
I wanted no one at school to know it was my birthday today because then there would be wishings and questions about party and etc etc – which I had no interest in doing here (at Mumbai). So I smiled most of my way around when they found out that it was my birthday today (thanks to tech like Facebook!).
But nevertheless one of the most fortunate things that happened to me today was that I got to speak with most of my Hyderabad friends (and text them more efficiently too)!! That was like the best thing of today! I mean it was even better than the face that I didn’t get any presents, (I told you it was the usual everyday type of day) chatting with old mates was worth everything! :D
What else?? Let’s see… I got drenched today when I went out to buy corn/take pics for an MMS to my friend. And I really hope I don’t catch a cold! O_O
School is good but still sucks at the same time.
Good – because of the lenient rules and regulation and timings.
Sucks – because it’s totally and fully ONLY academic (exams & syllabus). No extracurricular activities and my *oh-so-popular-school* is just a stupid 5-storyed building with many rooms! :X

Ahh… that’s it for now. Will start blogging *properly* soon. It’s my birthday today anyway. Btw really happy to see live clovers! :') though haven’t yet succeeded in finding a four-leaved one! :(

© image source

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The day time stopped

The day time stopped
We stood standing the fall.
Our fingers were intertwined
Yet we never felt them.
The ocean was right below us
And we couldn’t taste its saltiness.
Once there was the sound of seagulls
But now its hush all around.
I know you wore that cologne which attracted me
Now I just can’t smell it.
I know you are right next to me
Yet I see nothing but darkness.
The day time stopped
I was forever alone.

I don't know if you might like this because it doesn't even sound rhyming to me. I just wanted to write a "poem" (I hoped!) based on our 5 senses. Well I'm glad that I did that and now this also happens to be a sonnet (a poem with 14 verses exact) now! :D
Oh and by the way you see the pic in this post, I took it! :) It really does look like the petals are falling right (lol! reality check - they are not! :P) ? :D I took it with MY VERY OWN CAM (digi unfortunately)! So very proud of what I have done though. :)
You should see my flickr sometime. I'm posting my daily pics in it. Some might find them interesting while other might not. Also read the captions I hae for each of them! It's like writing a story and it's just awesome! :')
© Image by me. From my flickr.

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Your sound calls for me
I’ve always been your slave
And my sweetness you savour.

Response to a prompt at Haiku Heights #47.
© image source

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Ten Things About Me

I was tagged by AyuSelenium a few days back and this is my reply :P

Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
You have to choose and tag ten people.
Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
No tags back.
Have fun!! :)

Ten Things About Me

  1. I'm an Indian but I hate India for its messiness but love it for its freedom.
  2. I've a wanderlust to go to Paris & Japan.
  3. Even though most of my siblings (own & cousins) are very tall (above 5'9"), I'm still the shortest (5'4.5")!!!
  4. I love being left alone in silence and having my own space of mind rather than being nagged around.
  5. I really love gadgets, photography, anime, drams, Castle (TV Drama) & music (hate Indian but love Japanese, Korean, English).
  6. I have a personal interested in learning Japanese and I already know two (only) characters! あ (Aa) and Ri (り)!
  7. I love reading books. Especially fantasy & magic related. I hate the ones related to reality. I'm already having enough reality.
  8. I’ve a guitar which I still don’t know how to play it (it will soon be 1 year since I bought it).
  9. I wear contacts (transparent colour) due to my super high power (short-sightedness [-6]).
  10. Finally, I hate the place I'm currently staying, which is Mumbai, and I long to return to my previous place, which is Hyderabad (lovely city!).

Ten People I Wanna Tag
  1. Susan
  2. Pipie
  3. Kristal
  4. PuiLing
  5. Addie
  6. Inas
  7. Azeron
  8. Choco
  9. Samadrita
  10. Vandana
Important Notice

Okay I' sure that by now you all must have seen my new layout. I know I keep changing my lay really too often but I've decided to stick to this because formal, nice and had a kind colour ♥.
And so, all good packages come with some rules. And so does this blog.
First off it's best (awesome-est in fact) when viewed in Google Chrome. Firefox acts kind of cruel and Internet Explorer kills my blog! So please never view it in IE!
Second thing, there is a special font you should have in your system to view the fonts in this page properly. It's a korean font actually called SDKwangSoo M. Please download it!
Okay and this is pretty much it! :) Enjoy!
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After an eternity full of disturbance, it’s all finally over.
I get to be with you once again forever.
Yet you say this is the beginning of another war.
And hence you hid me away someplace far.

You say I’m safe with the Nephilims
But I feel safe only with you in your angelic arms.
As the sky grew darker
The Outcasts increased their number –
Knowing that I’m the price for their freedom
They began to hunt me down.

So, you fought my battles just like always
While I watched you from the side-lines in awe.

The Shadows that hovered around have now befriended me.
And when I look into them, I see the past –
The past which you never told me about,
The past about my life.

I can no longer take this anymore –
Your separation and my twisted untold destiny.

So the Shadows shall take me there
To rid my torment and find my lair.

Nephilim: Children of Fallen angels. (Partly human partly angel)

Outcasts: A particular rank of angels who stood next to Satan during the "revolt", but did not step into the underworld with him. Once the battle ended, they tried to return to heaven, but it was too late. Also when they tried to go to hell, Satan cast them out permanently, and left them blind. Nevertheless, the outcasts have a tremendous control of the other four senses (they are blind). In "torment", they chase Luce because they think that if they captured her, they will get back to heaven.

Shadows: Later named as 'Announcers' in the book can open portals to a person's past.
This is a poem/review of the book, Torment (sequel to Fallen).
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