Time to gift my elves.

When the first snow comes
The land goes white.
My dear little friends,
'Tis time we do our right,
And in return will you all receive my gift.

I cannot believe that one year has already passed by so swiftly after I’d played the wondrous game, ‘Secret Santa’ which is truly a great souvenir for Christmas. And it all feels like it happened just yesterday. I can still remember the picture I was choosing for this post and the tiny poem I wrote for it too.
Time really does fly when you are enjoying your life.
And I am really glad that I played that game. Last year I got a gift from Deeksha. It was a laughing Buddha and a pen. Seriously. I couldn’t believe that she gave me that. And she started to act all goody goody about the gift.
But still I had to be content with what I’d received because after all it was Christmas. A time for joy.
I played it again this year too. It was twice the fun and a bit of a menace too. Thanks to Deesksha, once again.
She got the name of the one girl she hated the most in the class (because of a fight she had with her long ago) and she was like, “I’m sorry people but can we exchange the chits again. I don’t want to give this person the gift. Please let us exchange”. I wanted to tell her then and there that – “No way! You have to give that person the gift. That is the essence of Christmas. To forgive and forget.”
But let’s just say that she is one hot-headed stubborn… girl. She didn’t pay any heed to my advice and I felt like shit for wasting my time over her. So I angrily went over and re-made the chits.
I still hate her though.
And so we played again and I was so happy with the person I got!
It was Ujjwala. My bench mate. I promised myself to get her something really cute and sweet that will make her smile till galaxy’s reach and have the best gift ever this Christmas.
I hope I did though. I got her a cute white purse for her Blackberry and a Cinnamoroll plushie.
I really hope that she’ll like it! I’ll keep in her bag silently tomorrow! :D

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  1. nice timely poem :)

    i havent played that game but it seems interesting..

    merry Christmas!(≧◡≦)

  2. nice timely poem :)

    i havent played that game but it seems interesting..

    merry Christmas!(≧◡≦)

  3. Hola,

    I just wanted to wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas...^^

    Feliz Navidad!!! Dios nos bendiga a todos!!!^^


  4. Hi ,

    How are you doing?

    coming after a long gap to your sphere.
    You seems to be busy this year.

    Nice post
    Keep writing.
    And all the best for your future.
    Wish you a very happy New year 2011.

    Take care
    Keep smiling always.


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